[Video] Real life Batman spotted with the “Batmobile” supercar amidst Mexico COVID-19 lockdown


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It looks like superheroes from the movies are now also coming out to help enforce the COVID-19 lockdown order in some countries.

Superheroes may not be qualified doctors, nurses or even auxiliary medical workers; however, they can really inspire us for a good cause when we see them mimicked in real life. Recently, a certain “Batman” hero surprised the people of Monterrey in Mexico with his eye-catching “Batmobile” supercar.


Batman spotted with his Batmobile supercar in Mexico begging people to obey the COVID-19 lockdown order

This Batman spotted in a Batmobile was blasting a pre-recorded loud message from his vehicle’s speaker which was a plea to the people to obey the government lockdown order during this COVID-19 pandemic. In English translation, the message says;

“Hey, you! Go back home! Let’s be superheroes against the coronavirus together. I can’t do this on my own,”

Below is a video of this real-life Batman mimic spotted with the Batmobile supercar replica in Mexico:

Twitter video of the batman hero!

Obviously, the real Batman in the Superhero movie is a fictional character while this pseudo-bat only drives a real car with the exact same design as the original Batmobile from the movie. But one should still praise the effort of the unknown man behind this entire idea as he is serving as an inspiration to others. According to reports, this real-life Batman mimic also visited underprivileged children in his costume to inspire them as they are mostly fans of the superhero character from the Batman movie. Btw! Do you think if this batman had been in China he would have helped the Nigerians rendered homeless by the Chinese Govt over COVID-19?

See a video of him visiting these kids at their homes below;

  Batman Regio

Truly, there is a superhero character in all of us unlike these drivers that the FRSC had to arrest for overloading; we just need to look within to find it!

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