16 dead, 58 others injured after 2 Bangladesh trains collided into each other


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A head-on collision between two trains has claimed 16 lives while injuring 58 persons in Bangladesh. Police are investigating the reason behind the tragic crash. Read their initial evaluation here!

A tragic crash involving two busy trains have killed 16 people, leaving 58 injured.

The accident happened at 3 am in the morning, at Mondobhag station in Bangladesh India, and was said to have ripped the trains to shreds after the collision.


The crash was a head-on collision which happened at 3 am early in the morning

Narration of witnesses in the head-on collision

Information gathered by Naijauto says that one of the trains was bound for Dhaka and the other, Chittagong when both of them crashed. And three coaches were said to have gone off the train tracks as a result of the hit.


Three coaches were thrown off the track by the collision which killed some of the passengers

A passenger who sustained some injuries said,

"There was a loud noise, then I saw the train was completely ripped apart."

Another added that,  

"All the people around me were crying. There was blood everywhere. Some people had broken hands and legs.

My son was with me. I still don’t know what happened to him."

Many passengers were asleep when the accident happened.

The police chief at the scene, Anisur Rahman, said,

At least 16 people have been killed. And another 58 were injured. We have sent the injured to different hospitals in the region

Lifting gears and cranes were brought to rescue some passengers who were trapped inside the trains.


Many passengers were asleep when the accident happened

Faulty signals was blamed for the tragic accident

A government official, Hayatud Doula Khan pointed out that the train bound for Dhaka (referred to as Turna Nishitha) was supposed to wait outside the station to allow the other train to leave the station. One of the railway officials was of the view that the faulty signs might have caused the crash.

He said that train services bound to Dhaka have been stopped due to the accident.

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The train crash left 16 people dead

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