Bride, groom, eight others dead after Bangladesh train hit wedding party


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Weddings should be events and occasions for joy and celebration, however in a suburb of Bangladesh a train running into a van with guests has put a pall on the event.

Trouble and  tragedy reared its head amidst celebrations in faraway Ullahpara, Bagladesh when a train ploughed into a van at a railway crossing that was unmanned at the moment of the incident. The van contained wedding guests on the way back from festivities. 10 people suffered fatalities in the horrific crash.

The incident, which occurred Monday at the town North-West of the country’s capital, which is about 145 kilometers from Bangladesh’s capital.

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10 people died when the driver overlooked an oncoming train

Local Police chief Ahmed Koushik reported that he train was initially traveling to Dhaka, and the van ran into the crossing when the driver did not notice the oncoming train. The Bride and Groom unfortunately were numbered among the eight persons that died on the scene of the crash.

 “Another two (injured) died in the hospital and the rest were injured,” Ahmed Koushik  reported to AFP after the incident.

In Bangladesh, which is in South Asia, as many as 40% of railway crossings, approximating 2,500 points in number are not manned.

Police statistics indicate a fatality toll as many as 6,000 persons in train related  mishaps in under 7 years.

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