Baby left in the car by mum, rescued by traders in Computer Village, Lagos


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A baby was left inside the car by the mother and could have died if not for the intervention of traders in Computer village. Read the details!

An incident happened at Computer village in Lagos State on Friday which would have ended up being a tragedy if not for the intervention of the traders in Computer village. A mother left her baby who was not up to 2 years old inside the car with the windows all rolled up.

After about 30 minutes later, with the woman not in sight, the abandoned child started crying and was gasping for breath when passersby looked into the car and saw the baby. They immediately went into action to save the suffocating baby.

Naijauto gathered that the rescuers looked for a means to get the car window to open so as to free up the baby.


Traders trying to rescue the baby inside the Red car at Computer Village

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A video clip of the incident was shared by a lady with the handle,@funkemyfun on Twitter which immediately went viral. Some Twitter users who watched the video were of the view that the woman who left her baby in the car definitely is a first-time mum so she's oblivious to the dangers of leaving a child inside the car.


Funkemyfun's tweet about the baby left in the car that went viral on social media

The toll of children who died inside the car has risen lately in the US. No day passes without a case of a child who died inside the car. Parents have been warned to stop leaving their children in the car. Children who are left in the car are killed by vehicle heatstroke and sometimes suffocation.

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Many people have come to rescue the baby

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