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Are you interested in learning to repair cars in auto mechanic training schools in Nigeria? Check out these best locations to get advanced training.


As technology continues to advance in the automotive industry, the knowledge of auto mechanics and auto technicians has to also advance simultaneously to match the service of quality car maintenance in Nigeria.

This is the best place to learn about schools that train auto mechanics because we have assembled various auto training schools offering courses to train people to become automobile technicians.

Due to recent technology features in new model vehicles, the maintenance of cars has drifted from the old fashioned ways to more electronic technological systems that diagnose, report, and guide experienced technicians. This recent development in automobile technology requires that both auto mechanics and automotive technicians have to update their skills in the use of electronic devices for diagnosis and repair of sophisticated cars that may develop any problems.

In order for maintenance knowledge to grow alongside the recently developed technology in the automotive industry, auto mechanic training schools in Nigeria have been established within the country to ensure that interested individuals get standard education, practical skills, and proper knowledge on how to use new maintenance equipment. Now, let us have an insight to who an auto mechanic is and their job description.

Who Is an Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics are people with advanced technical skills for maintaining, inspecting, diagnosing and repairing of vehicles and light trucks. They could repair car engines, electronic systems, transmission systems, and car safety systems; many car mechanics are specialists in particular areas or on specific component repairs while others are specialists for certain car brands.

There are a few more mechanics in Nigeria that diversify their specialty to different car brands and their scope continues to widen as more innovations get introduced.

Auto mechanics do not just fix cars but they interact with customers to gain information about the recent developed car problems, examine the car system, and run computerized diagnostic tests to dictate problems. In Nigeria, the knowledge is developed mostly by informal education, apprenticeship, and continuous learning on practice; so with additional skills in analytical abilities, customer service and relations skills, coordination, and leadership skills a mechanic can become a world-class professional.


Learning the auto mechanic skills at a professional level feels great


List of Auto Mechanic Schools in Nigeria

The need for Auto mechanic schools in Nigeria has become more important than ‘business as usual’; the institutions can help anyone who is interested in becoming an auto mechanic to understand the science and technology behind high-tech modern vehicles. Below is a list of recommended mechanic training institutes in Nigeria:

1. Auto Medics Limited

Training cost: ₦100,000 - ₦200,000 Per Year


The auto mechanic training institute with a wide reach in Lagos State

This establishment is a full automotive maintenance company that trains people who wish to improve their skills in order to work on modern & advanced cars. Whether graduates or other individuals who want the training as an entrepreneurial skills in maintaining and repairing cars or trucks, Auto Medics can handle the task. This company was established on 28 July, 2014 and has many branches all over Nigeria.

Services they offer include:

  • Auto Mechanic training

  • Automobile repairs

  • Car pre-inspection

  • Buying and selling of cars

  • Sales of car spare parts

  • Fleet management

Contact information:

  • Address: KM 18, Lekki/Epe Expressway, Igbo Efon, Lagos.
  • Website: automedicsafrica.com
  • Phone: 08033335541

2. SGS Nigeria

Training cost: Interested trainees have to contact the company for enquirers.


This company reaches far and wide with experience, expertise and equipment

The top-class professional training organisation in Nigeria with very long years of experience in the industry; they have registered their presence vastly in the oil and gas industry as well as many other industries that concern machines.

Services they offer:

  • Industrial manufacturing

  • Oil and gas servicing

  • Automotive Training

  • Logistics

  • Agriculture and Food; and many others

Contact information:

  • Address: 7B Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island Lagos
  • Website: sgs.com.ng

3. Abex Auto

Training cost: ₦150,000 (for 3 Months)


The team of trainers with this company are trusted hands in the industry

Abex Auto is a Nigeria Automobile maintenance company that specializes in general. This company features an auto mechanic institute that offers specialties in Auto diagnosis and repairs, basic engine management system, drivetrain system, chassis and body systems, drivability diagnostics. This training is designed for auto technicians both mechanical or electrical who are done with apprenticeships training but wishes to learn computerised auto diagnostics tools and techniques to diagnose and repair modern cars, computerized and complex car repairs. 

Services offered:

  • Auto repairs and maintenance

  • Spare parts sales

  • Fleet maintenance

  • Diagnostic equipment

  • Vehicle purchase, and sales

  • Auto diagnosis ECU and key programming

Contact information:

  • Address: 3 Samuel Ajakaye Street, Abule-Egba, Lagos State
  • Email: mail@abexauto.com
  • Website: http://abexauto.com
  • Phone: 08051430570

4. Joint Professional Training Support (JPTS)

Training cost: ₦120,000 (for 3 months)


Get prepared for the opportunities which JPTS presents

JPTS Institute is a professional oil and gas management and engineering training academy that teach students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to encounter recent innovations in technology. The training includes online classes and offline location training and professional experience. 

Services offered:

  • Professional training in Engineering

  • Oil and gas management training

  • Human Resources Management Training 

  • Auto-Mechatronics, Automotive Mechanic and Wiring

Contact information:

  • Address: 2, Tokunbo Alli Street, off Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos State.
  • Email: inquiries@jptsonline.org
  • Website: www.jptsonline.org
  • Phone: 08032272694

5. Bola Ige Mechatronics Institute (BIMI)

Training cost: ₦100,000 (for 5 months); customers need to call in to find out what level of training to enroll for.


The professionalism and level of experience at BIMI is outstanding

BIM Institute is described as an intelligent auto training institute established to provide expert training to improve the technical competence of auto diagnostics and repairs in the private sector. They train individuals with essential knowledge to become professionals who can service advanced vehicles and repair sophisticated system available in recent automobiles.

Services offered:

  • Auto Mechanic training 

  • Vehicle repair and services

Contact information:

  • Address: Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, Osun State
  • Email: info@bimi.com.ng
  • Website: www.bimi.com.ng
  • Phone: 08076645559, 07065939633

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Nationwide, there are millions of car owners who want the service of an experienced auto mechanic to put their cars in the best functioning state.

The auto mechanic training schools in Nigeria do quite a good job in assisting auto technicians to expand their knowledge of repairing high-end cars. We hope the above-listed auto mechanics institutes that offer adequate training on automobile maintenance in both theory and practicals comes in great help with you.

From Naijauto.com with love!

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