Auto industry in Italy stays afloat despite strict coronavirus containment rules


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Despite the heavy restrictions placed on travel and public activities in Italy, some automakers are still running their operations.

Since the breakout of the deadly coronavirus, the auto industry in Italy has suffered a major hit and has struggled to keep operations running. Part of this was due to the high restriction placed by the government on public activities and travel.


The automakers will keep running their business as usual in places outside the new restrictions in Italy

The government of Italy has given its approval on this set of new rules and restrictions concerning the Lombardy region, including some parts of Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia and also Milan. So far, the country has recorded more than 6,300 confirmed cases and 233 related deaths since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

From what we learned, 3 parts suppliers, executives at Ferrari and Maserati presently working at the “orange zone” recently revealed that operation will go as usual since they have been given permission to work.

From the document given to them, permitting them to operate, states that work-travel ban doesn’t include their employees. This means this restriction shouldn’t “lead to the blocking of production activities, work activities, and even less the blocking of transport and movement of goods from and for the perimeter areas.”


The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has made the Italian government place restrictions on movement and public activities

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According to Maserati, only required members of staff will go to their facilities located in the Modena area to work, while others will work remotely from home. As we speak, the Trident boasts of almost 1,350 staffing strength at 3 different locations within the area.

Ferrari claims it will keep operating as long as the company keeps receiving needed parts from the suppliers.

Ferrari stated:

“Ferrari has activated all of the measures necessary to allow their employees to conduct their working activity in the best possible conditions and therefore, at this moment in time, confirms its operational continuity. This continuity is obviously subject to that of our suppliers with whom we are in constant contact.”

Every FCA plants are presently outside the affected area in Italy by the latest restrictions by the government except the Maserati factory based in Modena. These new restrictions took effect from last Sunday and will end by 3rd of April, 2020.

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