Australian YouTube prankster lands in court for driving water-filled car


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Don't try this stunt! YouTube prankster was charged to court for driving a car filled with water in Australia.

An Australian YouTube prankster has landed himself in court for driving a Ford car filled with water to a liquor store in Adelaide during a heatwave.


RackaRacka prankster, Michael took his friend along on the underwater car stunt

Michael Alexander Philippou, co-owner of a popular YouTube channel named RackaRacka with his twin brother Danny faced a Magistrate Court in Adelaide on Wednesday over many driving offences.

28-year-old Philippou posted the viral video of the scuba driving stunt on his YouTube channel in January 2019 and has already gathered millions of views. The clip showed him driving a refreshed Ford Laser with his friend Jackson O'Doherty. The duo was captured wearing goggles and breathing gear while driving.

The Leaking sedan struggled with the water's weightiness as it stopped at a liquor store where they both bought beer and drank underwater.

Naijauto learned the prankster was charged with driving in a dangerous and reckless manner, failure to wear a seatbelt and driving an unregistered car.


Michael Philippou was accompanied by supporters to court

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Philippou was accompanied by his supporters to the court. When asked if he was surprised to have been charged, he said,

It is what it is, I'm looking to secure the non-conviction and that is it.

I'm confident as always. I've been ready for this. We've been training hard for this. It will be quick

He added that,

friends and family had "come to see me off because I'll probably be going to jail

The RackaRacka twin brothers alleged the stunt is ''world's first underwater car".


The RackaRacka twin brothers alleged the stunt is ''world's first underwater car"

In the video, one of them could be heard saying,

Our car doesn't have air-conditioning so we've designed a car which can drive while full of water.

Philippou was given a bail condition that banned him from traveling across the states in Australia and overseas. His lawyer, Joseph Henderson, looked for a way to overturn the bail conditions but the Magistrate, Susan O'Connor told him, they've spent much time tracking down Philippou.

Later, the Magistrate ended up granting him permission to travel across the state until the next time he'll appear before the court which happens to be in February.

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The twin brothers started accumulating fans after a comparison clip between Harry Potter and Star Wars went viral in 2014, shooting them to fame.

Presently, they're listed among the most influential cultural people in Australia.

*Fun fact: Their RackaRacka YouTube channel first started in their father's house.

Watch Michael driving with the car filled with water, on the road

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