Australia launches emoji license plates for cars


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Australia is creating a more exciting driving experience with the launch of emoji license plates for cars. See details of the initiative and take off date in the post below!

Emojis have become very popular with the increasing number of mobile chat applications. They are used by people to describe their moods and state of mind at a particular point in time.

Queensland pioneers in emoji license plate

Australia is giving her citizens the opportunity to take their use of emojis beyond chatting, and onto their driving experience by launching emoji license plates for cars.  This is a new development worldwide, making the country the very first to implement such.

The emoji license plate numbers will be issued in Queensland Australia from March 1, 2019 as disclosed by Personalized Plates Queensland (PPQ).


Queensland residents are overjoyed receiving the news

The Queensland Department of Transport announced that, for starters, they are offering five forms of emojis including heart, sunglasses, eyes and smiley, winking face and laugh-out-loud. It further stated that the emojis will only be objects of decoration, and will have no effect on registration of vehicles in the state.

Vehicle plates would consist of 3 letters, 2 numbers and any of the 5 emojis mentioned above. The cost of the emoji plates is 475 Australian dollars i.e N122,400.

What’s an emoji?

An emoji is a digital image used to express an idea, emotion or represent an object especially online. Not just teenagers, people of all ages use emoji in their daily chat in modern communication app. The use of these images help to convey feelings and emotions to the seemingly robotic chat.


Emoji is to deliver your emotions into texts

Driving in Queensland will be more fun with this initiative. For more exciting car stories, visit

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