A white Vladimir Putin’s Aurus Senat Limo was damaged by a minibus


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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A white Aurus Senat L700 limousine, usually referred to as Vladimir Putin's Aurus limousine has recently suffered damage by crashing against a minibus. The car was then covered to prevent its pictures exposed. Check more details below!

What is popularly tagged Putin’s Limo, a Russian made Aurus Senat limousine, recently experienced its first road crash. The big white executive Senat L700 limousine, according to report from the Astrakhan Accident Community, was damaged by a minibus.

The crashed car moving alongside a white Senat S600 sedan, shortly after the mishap, was covered with a blanket quickly to prevent it from being exposed to photo evidence.


As a result of the scratch, the Putin's Limo suffered some scratches and also damaged its side mirror

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From eyewitnesses’ reports, the driver of the minibus was driving away from the stop when the bus crashed right into the executive limousine, thereby inflicting scratches and causing some damage to its side mirror.

The Russian luxury brand is already becoming a popular top brand in the country and is currently taking orders for armoured Senat L700 limousine and Aurus Senat S600 sedan across the world.


The car beside Aurus Senat was instantly covered with blanket from any form of photo evidence

The company is planning to launch the SUV by 2020 during the Moscow International Automobile Salon.


The luxury Aurus Senat limousine has since become a premium brand among the Russians

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The Putin’s Limo is valued at ₦99 million ($274,000) for its base model, which is non-inclusive of the price of getting its armoured and shipping and clearing fees if you are planning on bringing it into Nigeria. The new Russian luxury brand is setting its eyes on auto markets in Africa, Europe, China and Middle East. The first delivery will start with China in 2020 or 2021.

How much is the armoured version owned by Vladimir Putin worth in the current market? You guess!

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