A desire of automobile brands: Audi sold out 114,650 cars in January 2019!


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144,650 sold cars in the very first month of 2019 promise a successful year for Audi AG. Let see what they have done!

There were about 144,650 Audi cars delivered to customers around the world in this January, showing positive sales in the two most developed markets.


Audi made a great performance in sales at the beginning of 2019

Audi AG attained the greatest January achievement ever in the Chinese market with sales rising by 5.1% to 64,000 automobiles. The domestically produced models still experienced impressive growth in demand: The number of orders for the A3 reached to 8,748 (+ 20%) while that of the A4 L rose to 16,668 (+ 21.3%), both increased above-average. Besides, the long-wheelbase version of the Audi Q2 launched in November becomes one among best-selling models in this country with 2,693 customers. Meanwhile, another locally manufactured model, the new Audi A6 L, has just delivered to dealerships. This new model is also used in the ride-hailing service, a pilot product by Audi and a local company in 2019. Chengdu and Xi’an, along with three other cities, are places where customers can experience this premium service.


The company clinched an outstanding victory in the Chinese market

In European countries, the deliveries of goods continue to be impacted by the transition to the latest WLTP driving cycle. The number of Audi cars delivered in its home continent dropped by 8.5%, as compared to that in 2018. Until now, there are 129 engine/transmission variants homologated by the Ingolstadt-based auto manufacturer on the basis of WLTP criteria; the portfolio in Audi’s configurator is being extended weekly. While main markets in Europe such as Spain (-14.6%), UK (-27.5%) decreased year-over-year, Audi in its home country, Germany kicked off the year of 2019 positively, up 1.5% with 23,359 sold cars. Meanwhile in Russia, thanks to the launch of the Q8 and dynamic market there, the company has its sales up to 900 cars (+24%).

Audi closed January in the US with sales down 1.8% (14,253 sold cars). The long government shutdown, transport issues, and the severe winter accounted for this downward trend. In the country with the most developed economy, the latest full-size models now can be found in dealerships, promoting a phenomenal growth: 1889 buyers having got the keys for their A6 models ((+151.5%), 620 individuals for the A7 (+198.1%), and for the A8 were 284 ones (+153.6%). Meanwhile, in the North America area, 15,900 premium models have been delivered, 5.2% less than in 2018.

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