Audi set to replace the R8 with an electric supercar


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Did you know: Audi is making some plans to replace its R8 with an electric supercar E-Tron GTR possibly by 2022? Catch up with the full gist here! caught up with Audi’s recent show of its R8 Decennium limited-edition at the current 2019 New York Motor Show but also got some more reports claiming that the Audi R8 would be succeeded very soon.

Germany’s auto market is currently shifting towards electrification and Audi seems to be moving with the tide as it plans for an R8 successor to be an electric supercar.

Even though there is currently no official report to back this up but sources claim that this expected successor would be called the “E-Tron GTR” and it will be a completely electric car with no presence of an internal combustion engine whatsoever.


This is the Audi R8 Decennium limited-edition shown at the 2019 New York Motor Show

This E-Tron GTR car is expected to be based off the same platform developed for the Porsche Taycan supercar which is a sporty vehicle on its own already.

Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, Audi’s R&D chief said;

"Audi Sport must have e-mobility, and our icons for the brand must become electric. We are in discussions regarding the sporty cars and the RS vehicles — they will need a change towards e-mobility."

Even though this report does not necessarily signify the ultimate end of the Audi R8 model as far as we know but it sure shows the direction that Audi is heading to when it comes to the electrification of its future sport car models.

Some other revealed details of this expected Audi E-Tron GTR include:

  • An expected acceleration of 0 – 62mph in just 2 seconds
  • A 300miles targeted range wit probably all-wheel drive system
  • With 3 electric motors, at least 650hp is expected

When Audi was directly confronted with these revelations, the spokesperson said that there is currently;

"no info to share at this time. We are evaluating all options."

Audi R8 Decennium 2020 - FIRST exclusive look in 4K | Only 222 models limited edition!

The year 2022, however, doesn’t seem so far from now. So, we guess everyone will have to wait and see.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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