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Audi recalls its first fully electric car, E-tron, over fire risk


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Audi is playing safe by recalling its first fully electric car, the E-tron. It's not ready for a similar experience with Tesla Model S. What does car safety organization say about the case? See it below!

Audi of America recently announced impressive deliveries of 856 units of their first fully electric production model, the e-tron SUV. And this is just in the first month of sales. However, don't break out the champagne yet, Audi!

Right now, reports reaching Naijauto say the company is recalling about 1,644 units of E-Tron over what they call 'a potential fire risk'.

Audi stated that they've found out a potentially faulty seal which can allow moisture to go inside the battery compartment. If this occurs, according to Audi, it may result in a short circuit, or in severe situations, a "thermal event.'

Although no incident as a result of the defect has been reported, Audi is wlling to err on the side of caution and for this reason, has made the decision to conduct a voluntary recall. About 1,644 e-tron units are affected, including 540 units that are now in their owners' possession. Customers have been advised to comply for their own safety.


Audi e-tron recalled over potential fire risk

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Audi says repairs will be available by August. In a written statement, the auto manufacturing company said,

Customers are being contacted directly to inform them of the recall and our dealer network is fully engaged to deliver the best customer-service possible.”

“We regret any inconvenience caused to our customers and reservation holders as we work with all parties toward a positive outcome in the weeks ahead.  Audi e-tron vehicles unaffected by the recall remain available for delivery and our reservation system remains open to receive customer reservations."

Considering the case of a Tesla Model S burst into flames in China, this recall puts Audi in a disadvantageous position. Customers may question the safety features in such electric cars, possibly making them turn away from this eco-friendly type of transport.

The video recording a Tesla Model S going on fire in China

Having said that, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) affirms that the likelihood of EV fires is even less than diesel-powered or gasoline vehicles, so you can rest assure if having bought an EV already.

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Jane Osuagwu