23,000 Audi Q3 SUVs recalled for turn signal problems


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Due to turn signal problem, slightly more than 23,000 Audi Q3 SUVs have been recalled by the manufacturer, in violation of one of the safety regulations spelt out by FMVSS. Read on!

Well, it is very important for you as a driver to let other road users know about your lane change before doing it. All vehicles in the United States do conform to regulations stated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). When any of the regulations are violated, it could lead to that car being recalled. For this reason, some crossovers by Audi namely Audi Q3 SUVs are in the carmaker's plan for a turn signal recall for such a violation.

The automaker has decided to issue such recall for 23,241 units of the 2016 to 2018 model year for the Q3 crossover compact. LED headlights are equipped on every one of these vehicles recalled. For now, it is not yet clear if there is a production date or batch specific for the application of this recall.


The automaker believes their recall is simple and will be carried out free of charge

As Audi puts it; it could be as a result of incorrect software configuration from the LED headlights, which could make the warning light to come up when one of the turn signals refuses to work. This is a violation of FMVSS 108.

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There could be a sudden change of lane without notification from the driver to other road users, which could stem from subsequent warning lights caused by the lack of front turn signal. When this happens, the risk of possible road crash increases. It has been pointed out by Audi in its document for the recall that the LED headlight is a “lifetime” component with a very low tendency to fail. The fact that it fails the FMVSS compliance makes recall a necessity.

Video: 2016 Audi Q3 Refresh USA - Sequential Turn Signals

The good news is since it is a software problem, this Audi Q3 turn signal recall is quite easy to handle and it won't take technicians at Audi more than 1 hour to fix at no cost on the car owners. Notifications would be sent to the affected owners and the process of the recall will kick start in mid-July.

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