Lady’s new ₦14m Audi car snatched after 36 hours of Facebook post


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Be careful with what you post on social media. A lady's new Audi car was snatched from her after 36 hours of posting about the car on Facebook. Read details here!

This is how a Facebook post gone wrong!

Everyone loves posting on social media and sharing with friends about almost everything that's happening around them. A young Londoner woman has gotten the wrong reaction after she took to her Facebook wall to share some photos of a new Audi £30,000 (~₦14 million) car she just bought.


Her new Audi car was hijacked on her driveway by three masked thugs

She had posted,

‘Just picked up this beauty’ after driving away from a dealership with a £30,000 Audi

However, 36 hours later after the Facebook post, her new ride was hijacked on her driveway.

Naijauto gathered that the young lady who was in her 20s was returning home and wasn't aware that three masked hoodlums were waiting to ambush her in her home in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

From the CCTV footage which captured the incident, she was in the driver's seat on her driveway and going through her bag and phone when two men in black outfits sneaked into the open gate.

As she alighted from her new car, the two men quickly came towards her and attacked her. The young lady let out a scream and they had her pinned to the ground while the third thug jumped into her car. She fought back and tried to drag them out of the car but she was again overpowered which resulted in another manhandling.


The three thugs were waiting to ambush the lady immediately she drove into her driveway

The three masked thugs all got into the car and as they were hurrying to leave the lady's driveway, the car hit a fence before zooming off. The police in WEST Yorkshire were said to have been notified.

And that's how her new Audi worth ₦14 million was snatched from her under 36 hours of posting on Facebook. Once again, be careful with the posts you share on social media!

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