Aston Martin finally confirms the cars that are featured in the coming Bond 25 Movie


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During a recent royal set visit, Aston Martin has finally revealed the cars that will be featured in the coming Bond 25 movie. Read the update here now!

You might have seen some unconfirmed reports lately here on Naijauto as regarding the Aston Martin cars that could possibly end up in the coming Bond 25 movie but this time, we have the confirmed official report. 

When Prince Charles recently visited the set of the movie, Aston Martin made a formal announcement of its cars that will be featured in the coming 25th film of the James Bond series.

As we have earlier reported, the Aston Martin’s all-new Valhalla will be featured in the coming Bond movie and it's going to be the first mid-engine car that James Bond will be driving since the year 1981’s movie titled “For Your Eyes Only”.

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Also, the new Aston Martin V8 Series II Vantage has been confirmed to be featuring in the coming movie and finally, Aston Martin’s very own iconic DB5 GT will be appearing once again on screen.

Prince-Charles-and-Daniel Craig-before-AM-cars

The Bond 25 coming movie will be the sixth consecutive Bond movie to feature Aston Martin vehicles since the first in 2002

The only car that doesn’t seem to have made it this time is the Aston Martin Rapide E car. Its really confusing to see Aston Martin not mentioning this car at all because it was among the very first set of cars rumoured to be possibly appearing in the Bond 25 coming movie.

This anticipated Bond 25 movie will soon be given a proper name and it will be the 6th James Bond movie in a row to feature vehicles from Aston Martin. This current relationship between the movie series and the automaker began as far back as the year 2002’s Bond movie titled “Die Another Day” when Aston Martin was under Ford’s ownership back then.

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