Asleep delivery man crashes 4 Ferraris worth ₦625 million


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Those salvaged Ferraris cost a total of N582.8 million.

According to Taiwan News, there were four Ferraris worth US$1.6 million (~N582.8 million) destroyed in a car crash earlier this week. A deliveryman called Lin nodded up and smashed his Mitsubishi van into four Italian supercars parked on the roadside. Here informs you about this incident.


Car collision in Taiwan: four Ferraris were destroyed!

The 20-year-old man while making deliveries for his mother’s shop fell asleep in the driver’s seat for exhaustion. Starting his job at 5.00 am, the guy got into a deep snap before he bumped into the Prancing Horses. It was at 5:40 that the accident was recorded. It seems that driver fatigue is not uncommon, as a similar accident in China where a truck driver sleeps for almost a whole minute before a crash wakes him up, has been reported recently.

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The ill-fated vehicles involved in this accident include 4 Ferraris that are one F12 and three 488s. Those vehicles put on different paints but ironically suffered the same bad luck. While the white and yellow cars might need serious operations, the blue one got its rear bumper wrecked. The luckiest in those unlucky cars was the red fellow which needed to undergo a rear license plate fix. A flatbed truck was called for towing these victims afterward.


The four Ferraris were towed away by a flatbed truck


The yellow was seriously damaged


The red car had the number plate broken only

Paying for the repair done on those salvaged Ferraris is surely a bitter lesson for a lifetime. He now has to embark on making money for the whopping $389,509 bill that is about N142m for failing to show the van's insurance paper.

Lin informed reporters of the story of the life without his father that urges the boy to help his mother in his spare time, which touched the heart of a generous tycoon who decided to lend a hand in paying a part of the repair bill and literally brought tears to Lin's eyes.

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