12 Amazing facts about the new Asaba Flyover Bridge!


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All you need to know about the new Asaba flyover bridge from Naijauto.com

The new fly over at Asaba, the Delta State capital, has done a lot towards putting both the town and the state on the national tourism map, and increasing its aesthetics and popular appeal. Here are 12 facts about the edifice that you might not know courtesy of naijauto.com:

1. Construction

The administration of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan designed, supervised and built the flyover to completion. The Governor was widely celebrated following the commissioning of this important development.


Ex-Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan's administration constructed the bridge

2. Significance

The Asaba flyover is very strategically placed.  It is located on a major artery together with the Utor bridge at Ebu, that connects the South South region, the South East states, Abuja, and the North of the country through Edo state.

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3. Specifics

The Asaba flyover is a 6-span bridge that is 120 meters long. It has two ramps, each measuring 140 meters, which are located on opposite approaches of the bridge. Together with the ramps, the bridge totals an amazing 400 meters in length. In addition, both bridge and ramp are four-lane dual carriageways which are divide into two each on either sides. A modern New Jersey Barrier serves as the demarcation of the different directions.


The Asaba bridge is a  dual carriageway of 4-lanes

4. Not alone

It might surprise you to know that the Asaba flyover is not the only flyover in Delta state. Two other flyovers in Warri and Idu respectively bring the total number of flyovers in the state to three. The Warri and Asaba constructions were planned at the same time.

5. Location

Specifically, you can find the  Asaba flyover on the intersection of Nnebisi, Okpanam, and Anwai  roads, by inter-bau roundabout in the capital city.

6. Benefits

One major reason for the construction of the Asaba flyover as given by the Uduaghan administration, was the planned decongestion of traffic that the flyover would kick-start in Asaba, after completion. Apart from helping the internal traffic situation in the state, the flyover was expected to cut down interstate travel time going through Asaba from Edo either from the North to the South of the country,  and vice versa.

7. Contractor

Consolidated Construction Company, better kknown as CCC, won the toughly bid contract for the eventual construction of Asaba flyover. This was on August 16 of 2013. They then constructed the bridge.


The Asaba flyover bridge under construction

8. The club

Following the completion of the flyover, Delta remains one of only 14 states in Nigeria   that have constructed flyovers. They are:

  • Lagos
  • Kano
  • Rivers
  • Ogun
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Kaduna
  • Delta
  • Oyo
  • Bayelsa
  • Sokoto
  • Ondo
  • Ekiti
  •  Imo
  • Anambra

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9. Host to glamour

Asaba flyover is young, but already has some urban legend about it. In June, 2018, spectators were treated to a grand spectacle when the flyover was shutdown to traffic temporarily to host a colorful promotional show for an upcoming fashion show.


The bridge hosted an elegant promotional show in 2018

10. Cost

It is on record that the total cost of the edifice came to 3.5 billion Naira.

11. Completion

The administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa completed the balance of payment owed the contractor, CCC.

12. Commissioning

The Asaba flyover bridge was commissioned officially to wide acclaim and fanfare on the 9th of April, 2015.

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