As Nigeria Decides: See photos of 3rd Mainland Bridge on an election day!


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The 3rd mainland bridge - unarguably the busiest bridge in the nation became the road to a ghost town, on the day of an election. Click here to see photos that might shock you!

The Centre of Excellence of the nation Lagos State is by far the busiest state in all the country. The hustle and bustle, the business activities, and the volume of traffic that is in Lagos far outweighs the statistic of that found in other states.

 It is not out of place to hear buses shouting bus stops even at the wee hours of the night when some people are fast asleep in some other states.

It is on this premise that it became shocking for Naijauto to find the 3rd mainland bridge - arguably the busiest bridge in the nation become the road to a ghost town, on the day of an election.

The Third Mainland is no doubt a very busy bridge, with residents from all over Lagos finding their way to the Island for work.  It is not uncommon to find traffic on the bridge as early as 5:30 a.m. in the morning on one side and also as late as 9 pm on the other side. This is typically the rush hours when workers go to work and come back from work respectively.

These pictures (credit to Mediahelm) shows a very unfamiliar view of the third mainland bridge which is seen to be as empty as the major road to a ghost town. Whoever thought that this busy bridge could be this empty based on the ongoing election.


No single car could be found on site through the long stretch of the bridge! (Source: Mediahelm)

The election has made it possible for roads to be free without a single car or even a bike plying the road. The elections regulatory body stipulates that there will be no vehicle movement during elections and that is why you find out that roads are blocked, cars are not on the road, shops have been closed and everywhere seems to be deserted save for the polling centres where elections are taking place.


The aerial view of the Third Mainland Bridge towards the Makoko end (Source: Mediahelm)

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This 11km bridge which has become part of our daily lives as Lagosians was commissioned in 1990 and links the mainland from the Oworoshoki end to the Island at the Adeniji end. Although it is not the longest bridge in Africa anymore after the 1996 completion of the 6th October bridge in Cairo, it is by no means less important to the business activities in the economic hub of Nigeria - Lagos state.

Maintenance works are sometimes carried out on this bridge which usually results in heavy traffic causing discomfort to road users.

Naijauto feels that if this bridge can be half as free as it usually is, maybe Lagosians can smile when both going to work and while coming back.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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