Artists file lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz using their paintings alongside G-Wagon on social media


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Mercedes might end up in a bit of a legal mess if found guilty of using murals on its Instagram G-Wagon post without the consent of the artists owners.

Currently, the popular German car brand, Mercedes Benz, has found itself in a legal war with 4 artists after their murals alongside the newest G-Wagon was posted without their permission on Instagram.

The artists obviously were looking for compensation for this illegal posting of their paintings. However, Mercedes-Benz also sued them in a bid to get the approval of the court in using their photos.


How much do you think Mercedes will pay as compensation for using these paintings without owners' consent?

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Judge Avern Cohn, A federal judge from the District Court in Detroit, USA, didn’t agree with the German car manufacturer. According to the statement made by the judge recently, he disclosed that the murals possess “a uniqueness” and are legally “entitled to protection”.

The lawyers representing the four artists presented an accusation against Mercedes, who hates being threatened, of attempting to “bully and intimidate” their clients.

Free Press was informed recently by one of the artists prior to the usage of his paintings, which he believes is a tribute to black woman from Africa in slavery and passing through colonization. The Artists claimed it was used by Mercedes without the right context and with no permission from him.


The conflict is yet to be resolved as both parties are justifying and using the hostile legal situation to their advantage

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The artist also claimed that the dispute wouldn’t have occurred in the first place if the automaker hadn’t presented itself as being arrogant.

In another twist to this, Mercedes informed the Free Press of one of the artists threatening while requesting a huge amount of money from the company as compensation. Mercedes said its company is:

“A strong supporter of the arts throughout the world. We make it a point to fairly compensate artists whose work we seek to use and to comply with all applicable IP (Intellectual Property) laws. This is an unusual situation, and the accusations here do not accurately reflect our actions or our intent.”

“These threats were not about protecting artists’ rights or ensuring just compensation”

“They were about disrupting Mercedes-Benz’s business and obtaining a cash windfall.”

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