Arrested Nigerian man expresses his gratitude for enjoying air condition in Arabian police van


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A Nigerian man threw shades at Nigerian police by expressing his gratitude to the Arabian Police for the presidential treatment during his arrest in their van. See what he says about Nigerian police van!

How awkward does it sound to praise a police after making an arrest on you? Well, to this man in question, nothing of such is awkward as he was full of praises to the treatment he received in Arabian police vehicle after his arrest. Since, this video has become a sensation on social media platforms.


Take a look at the Arabian police car design!

From what we learnt here, the identity of the Nigerian is yet to be known, but he was overheard speaking Yoruba, condemned the vans used by Nigeria Police Force (NPF) while showing his gratitude to the Arabian government and their police vehicle.

The man said:

 ”I called this emergency number and I was put inside this vehicle. Surprisingly, the police van blew me AC, unlike the Nigerian Police van. When the police arrest you, your clothes will tear because of the condition of their vehicles.”


With this Arabian police van, AC is just a minor feature

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The yet-to-be-disclosed man threw shades at the government in Nigeria, where he said:

 “It would not go down well with our leaders in Nigeria. They always misappropriate funds and they lack good


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