Arnold Schwarzenegger labelled a 'hypocrite' after frequent flights to Germany to make his car more eco-friendly


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is accused of hypocrisy for taking multiple carbon-emitting flights to Germany just to make his Pinzgauer a bit more eco-friendly! Get the scoop below!

Hollywood Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is being dragged by the public online for alleged hypocrisy. This conclusion was drawn after it was discovered that the former governor had been to Germany on several carbon-emitting flights on a mission to make his gigantic 6-wheeler Pinzgauer prized at $100,000 (₦36.1 million) to be more climate-friendly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger-and-Greta-Thunberg-riding-bike

Arnold Schwarzenegger went bike riding with GretaThunberg to show his support for an eco-friendly environment

The public got wind of this information just a few days following his meeting with popular 16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Both of them were seen riding a bike together in a picture posted by the Terminator star on social media.

Prior to this recent finding, it was reported back in September that 72-year-old Arnold made arrangements for Greta to embark on a trip around the United States in one of Tesla Model 3 vehicles just so she would not have to deviate from her passionate views about preserving the environment.

As governor of California Schwarzenegger was reported to take flights in his private jet from his home in Brentwood, down to the governor’s residence located in Sacramento on most days. It should be recalled that the Los Angeles Times, had in 2008, published a report that the environmental damage caused by the governor’s private jet in just one hour could be compared to the damage caused by a small car in one whole year. In reaction to this problem, there were claims that Schwarzenegger acquired 'pollution credits' believed to neutralize the substance discharged by the aircraft.

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Schwarzenegger picked an eco-friendly Tesla Model 3 car for Greta's travel in America

The star’s recent frequent visits to Germany was to ensure that his new machine the Pinzgauer 6x6 718 K does not discharge harmful waste as it was originally wired to. While this is in line with preserving the environment, the frequent flights taken for this purpose produced so much waste that could harm the environment for a long time.

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