Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted cruising around on his electric Hummer H1


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Former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been driving around town on his electrified Hummer H1. See his post below!

Y’all heard the gist of the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk driving his recently launched Cybertruck prototype around Malibu, California, and how it erupted a debate on social media platforms.

Was his Cybertruck road legal? Did he even notice he knocked down a cone?

Well, it appears the Tesla boss isn’t the only one driving around California in an electric trunk.


Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted behind the wheels of his electric Hummer H1

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also cruising in style too. He was spotted behind the wheels of his electric Hummer H1. And he sure bragged about it on his Twitter handle,@Schwarzenegger. Yea, Arnold may be from the older generation but he’s quite active on social media. He’s even a TikTok user, as the video of him cruising around on his electric Hummer was shot with the TikTok video app.


The 72-year-old former California governor uses the TikTok video app

He posted the video on Twitter with the caption,

‘’Speak softly and carry a big stick. My electric Hummer may be quiet but it’s ballsy’’.

Naijauto learned the former California governor has been a fan of military vehicles but recently started advocating for environmentally friendly issues despite "hypocrite" controversies. With this, he got his Hummer H1 transformed into an electric ride, all thanks to an Australian engineering firm called Kreisel.

Arnold’s red Hummer runs on two electric motors that deliver 483 hp altogether. The beast truck can sprint 75 mph.

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