Thief trying to steal Arnold Schwarzenegger’s N1.7m bike, almost tasered by his bodyguard


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After just few weeks the Terminator actor got attacked in an event in South Africa, we now see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s N1.7m bike being attempted to steal but this time, his bodyguard is in time to prevent the man from completing his scheme. See picture of the scene below!

The very moment the masked thief attempted to cart away with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bike, he met his waterloo as Arnold bodyguard pulled a Taser on him.

As this drama was going on, Arnold quickly swooped in, took his camouflage pattern custom made bike worth $5,500 and hurriedly left the scene while the thief, whose face was sported with red bandana, was being held by the bodyguard.


You dare not mess with the terminator's bike! The thief got more than what he bargained for

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It was on Friday that this incident occurred while the 71-year old Terminator star was engaged with iron pumping at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Biking Buds Break A Sweat On A Cool Day

Before this attempted robbery on his bike, we'd learnt that Arnold Schwarzenegger got dropkicked weeks ago by a man in South Africa at the middle of his fitness training.

Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger ATTACKED FROM BEHIND | Social Coach's 'Analysis'

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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