Shocking moment Armoured Renault Espace carrying President of France broke down during state visit to Poland


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In what many could tag as dent on the French image was when the Renault Espace used by French President Macron broke down during a state visit.

Who says Presidential armored vehicleS cannot break down? If you are still in doubt, you need to see how an armored vehicle that carried President Emmanuel Macron of France broke down recently on one of his official visits to Poland. From reports reaching us, he has been using this Renault Espace for official duty since 2017 when he moved to France’s White House (Elysee Palace).


Awkward moment when President Macron's Renault malfunctioned during a 2-day state visit in Poland

From an inside report, Macron made use of a DS 7 Crossback parade car during his inauguration. Also for Bastille Day in 2017, the President used a Peugeot 5008 for the event. Despite all, the Renault Espace still remains his most consistent official car.

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There was never a complaint or issue with his official car until the beginning of this month when he went to Poland during a state visit. After French President Macron had met with Polish President, Andrzej Duda, he was expected to return to his official car in order to embark on his visit. Shockingly, his armored minivan caused a swift change in plan as it refused to start. This moment was a bit embarrassing since the French president was on official assignment in another country. No doubt, this event has put a dent on the reputation of this model, since the one built for the President could break down this way.


The slightly unpleasant situation with French President Macron's Renault Espace drew a lot of criticisms from polish Media

Luckily, the French ambassador to Poland was able to quickly rescue the situation by offering his Citroen C6 to convey the French president from the country’s presidential palace. This whole drama of the President using a vehicle that is not bulletproof as a rescue car has put a big question mark on the reliability of French cars. All thanks to the Polish media who made lots of jokes out of this awkward situation.

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