Relics of self-made armored vehicles by Biafran soldiers in Nigerian Civil War


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Their inventions literally show how the Biafran soldiers back then were desperate to defend themselves from the Federal army. Check the rare photos of this locally made tank!

We just got some astonishing photos recently here at Naijauto which show an unbelievable automobile invention that dates back to the time of the infamous Nigerian Civil War or “Biafra War” as many know it to be.

Their inventions literally show how the Biafran soldiers back then were desperate to defend themselves from the Federal army by going to some impressive levels of inventiveness and ingenuity.


The “Biafra War” is the most popular civil war in Nigerian history to date

To show how genuine some of the Biafran soldiers’ invention were, they gave several indigenous names to their numerous “weapons of death”. An example is the “Ogbunigwe” multi-barrel which gets its name is from the Igbo language and translates to mean “Mass killer” in the English language.

Some of the other handmade warfare contraptions of the Biafran soldiers include: Grenade launcher, Ojukwu Bucket, Ojukwu Mortar, Ojukwu Air launch (air drop bomb), Ojukwu anti-mines, tanks, trucks, and many armoured personnel carriers.


Biafra soldiers fabricated numerous warfare weapons to protect and defend themselves during the Nigerian Civil war

The Nigerian Civil War /Biafra War started on the 6th of July 1967 and ended eventually on the 15th of January 1970.

Below are photos of some relics found in Abia State at the National Nigerian War Museum.


The National War Museum in Abia State holds a lot of Biafra War relics till today

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Locally made military-grade Armoured Personnel carrier created and used by the Biafra soldiers during the Nigerian Civil War

It's a great thing Nigeria is peaceful so these Nigerian engineers can pursue such resourcefulness in an era of more opportunities, equality and progress.

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