6 armored official state cars that match Donald Trump’s Beast Cadillac One


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Donald Trump made a huge statement with his Beast Cadillac One car on his recent visit to the UK. Take a look at similar machines owned by other world leaders!

President of the United States, Donald Trump, was in the UK recently on an official 3-day visit. Expectedly, his visit drew a lot of media attention due to his immense influence across the globe. The US President made a huge statement with his official ride – the Cadillac One Limo often referred to as The Beast. This automotive masterpiece is said to cost a whooping $1.5m (N460 million).

In this post, Naijauto places the beast beside other cars used by other world leaders to give you an idea of how far countries go to keep their leaders safe in their official cars.

1. Vladimir Putin's Aurus Senat L700 Limo

Estimated Cost: £440k (N200.7 million)

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is one world leader who drives a sophisticated machine similar to that of the US President. His Aurus Senat L700 Limo reported to cost £440,000 (N200.7 million) can be described as a Rolls-Royce Phantom that enjoys the benefits of a military vehicle similar to that of the Beast.


Vladimir Putin's Aurus Senat L700 Limo

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2. Queen Elizabeth II's Bentley State Limousine

Estimated Cost: £11m (N5 billion)

This car belonging to the Queen of England is arguably the most expensive car in the world at £11m (N5 billion). It was unveiled in 2002 in celebration of the queen’s 50th anniversary on the highly revered throne.

Despite being so expensive, the queen does not have only of the Bentley State Limousine but two in her fleet.


Queen Elizabeth II's Bentley State Limousine

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3. Pope Benedict’s Mercedes-Benz M-Class A.K.A The Popemobile

Estimated Cost: £400k (N182 million)

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church People Benedict drives an M-Class converted Mercedes Benz famous for its composite glass cabin. That is not all there is about the car. Conveying the head of an institution as big as the Catholic Church, understandably, it has more features. The car is proofed against bomb, and boasts of its own oxygen supply. If for any reason the Pope is attacked, the technology in the car is good enough to protect him.


Pope Benedict’s Mercedes-Benz M-Class

4. Kim Jong-un’s Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard

Estimated Cost:  £1.2 m (N547 million)

Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, still cannot place its hands on how President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un acquired his bomb-proofed Mercedes Pullman Guard. A grenade has nothing on this car; it can withstand it without a scratch. Not even several shots of hand gun or military rifle can penetrate it.

The Korean leader has not just one but three of this rare machine in his fleet. He does not need to alight if he gets pressed as there is a portable toilet situated in the car.


Kim Jong-un’s Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard

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5. Paul Biya’s Klassen Range Rover Sentinel

Estimated Cost: £1.4 m (N638.4 million)

The list would be incomplete without an African, wouldn’t it? Cameroonian President, Paul Biya, has a Klassan Range Rover Sentinel that is far from regular. His enviable official car is estimated to cost 1.4m (N638.4 million). This is arguably the fanciest and safest car owned by an African president.

The world got to see this masterpiece owned by the country’s number one citizen on May 20, 2018 when the country celebrated her National Day.


Paul Biya’s Klassen Range Rover Sentinel

A brainchild of German automaker Klassen who has a penchant for luxury vehicles, the Range Rover Sentinel boasts of panoramic roofs, stretched rear doors, armored glass, Kevlar tires and raised roof. Gun shots have nothing on the bullet-proofed vehicle.

6. Theresa Mary May’s Jaguar XJ LWB Sentinel

Estimated Cost:  £300k (N136.8 million)

Former British Prime Minister Theresa Mary May has a ride that deserves a spot on this list.  The Jaguar XJ LWB Sentinel comes with its own oxygen supply to keep the Ex-Prime Minister safe in case she suffers a chemical attack. It is resistant to explosives, thanks to its 13 mm plate resistant steel fixed on the bottom. The Sentinel’s windows are well armored to shake off gunshots, making them bounce back when fired against the car.


Theresa Mary May’s Jaguar XJ LWB Sentinel

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