[Photos] These creative April Fool jokes made by top car makers in the world will make you smile


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There are many times in history that popular carmakers turned creative with their April fool jokes to make customers smile. See a compilation of photos here!

All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. This is probably the explanation for a few times in history when popular automakers around the world released creative April fool car jokes that got everyone smiling.


There are many times in history that popular automakers have made us smile on April Fools’ day

1. Popular April Fools’ day jokes by top automakers in the world

As today is another April Fools Day, we have decided to go down memory lane to bring back some interesting jokes by automakers that once made car lovers smile. Check out some of our favorites below;

1.1. The Toyota HiAce Convertible

The fact that everyone knows the Toyota Hiace to be a versatile luxury bus made this April Fools’ day joke very interesting when Toyota Australia pulled it on its customer on the 1st of April 2019. Even here in Nigeria, it is almost impossible to not stop and look again at the photos below which shows this Toyota HiAce Convertible bus (joke).


Will you accept a ride inside this 12-seater Toyota HiAce convertible bus?

1.2. The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi-Mini

Most Volkswagen car lovers were thrown into deep confusion when the German automaker suddenly released photos of a so-called Volkswagen Caddy Maxi-Mini which was tagged as the fun-sized version of the popular 2015 VW Caddy.

Volkswagen-Caddy Maxi-Mini-model-April-fool

Meet the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi-Mini model that got customers smiling after realizing it was a joke

This Volkswagen’s confusing car model got many customers smiling after the automaker later released the below statement that helped them realized it was an April Fool joke;

“We see the Caddy Maxi Mini as our equivalent of the chocolate bars at the supermarket checkout. We hope that when customers come and buy one of our multi-award-winning full-size vans, they’ll add a Caddy Maxi Mini as a little treat,”

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1.3. The BMW i-Setta

Just like the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi-Mini model joke above, popular German automaker BMW also released its own April Fool car model called the BMW i-Setta.

The automaker didn’t give much information which made it confusing for customers at that time but obviously it was a model that was never produced.


This is the funny BMW i-Setta model that was never made

In case you didn’t notice, please try to find where the doors of this car are located 😊.

1.4. The Cute Honda Emoji horn buttons

The popular Japanese automaker, Honda was also not left out of the creative April Fools’ day car jokes. Sometimes ago, Honda released an interesting photo of hilarious emoji horn buttons that some customers actually took seriously lol. Each horn button had different emoji printed on it that suggests different selectable horn sounds based on a driver’s current mood like Happy, Sad, Smile, Frown, Angry, Loved Up, etc. Check them out in the photo below:


Honda definitely got everyone to smile on April Fools’ day with this hilarious emoji horn buttons idea

1.5. The Honda H-Swipe dating app

Just when many car lovers think they have seen it all, Japanese automaker Honda managed to still fool some people on one April Fools’ day with an interesting but fake H-Swipe dating App joke. According to the Japanese carmaker, the so-called H-Swipe dating App will use the digital windscreen of a Honda car to actually display photos of a potential date partner for a driver. So, a user is left with the option of either accepting or rejecting the suggested date candidate by selecting the right or left with Honda’s special S-wipers 😊.


Honda once fooled customers with an H-Swipe dating App that suggests date partners to a driver

You can also check out this video below that reviews some of the most ridiculous April Fools Day Car commercials by automakers:

  Lamest April Fools Day Car Commercials | WheelHouse


So, did any of these creative April Fool jokes made by top car makers in the world make you smile?

There are many others which we will still feature in an article probably on another April Fools’ day celebration.

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