Apple Inc introduces a new iPhone Digital key feature for controlling cars


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The renowned tech giant, Apple INC launches a new feature called "CarKey" which will enable a smartphone or tablet to be used for unlocking cars. Check it out!

In this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference held by the renowned tech giant, Apple INC – we were amazed at a new feature unveiled by the company which it calls “CarKey”. Yes, it's simply a digital “Car key” function just like its name says. This feature will literally enable car owners to use their iPhone, iPad, or iWatch device for unlocking their cars and even to start the engine as well.


Apple Inc has just launched a new feature that will make it possible to unlock and start a car using an iPhone or iWatch device

New reports claim that this digital key feature will soon debut on BMW vehicles – specifically, the upcoming 2021 BMW 5 Series should have it first among others. This Apple CarKey feature uses NFC (Near-field communication) technology in an interesting way that gives users the ability to simply “tap” their smart device near a vehicle’s door handle and “boom” the car is unlocked. Yes, just like that and once a user places the iPhone into the tray in the car, he or she can also start the engine with the phone as well.

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Since this feature isn’t dependent anymore on the physical car key, users can easily just share their vehicle with family and friends by sharing their digital key. According to BMW, users can grant a maximum of 5 people access while also being able to go as far as restricting the vehicle’s max radio volume, top speed, and horsepower – among a plethora of other things as well.

Sources claim that these digital “CarKey” feature is secure and still functions for about 5 hours after a user’s iWatch or iPhone has been shut off, maybe from a low battery situation. BMW also promises that all of its “Z4, X6M, X5M, X7, X6, X5, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1” models that will be produced from 1st of July 2020 onward in 45 countries will support this new Apple digital key feature.

Check out how this Apple CarKey feature works in a demo video below;


Car Key! Unlocks BMW 5 Series with an iPhone (Full Car Play reveal)

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