Iphone set to replace car key


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An iOS application will the job normally done by a traditional key.

The world can’t stop getting smarter, introducing the things that we can’t ever form an idea of. Just look at how awesome a car of future would be in the Volvo 360s Autonomous or the Renault EZ-ULTIMO, you will be startled how the automotive world has steered towards the incredible.

a car parking at the traffic lights

The car of future offers us more fun of riding

More than a car, the so-called car now is truly a home to its occupants with no bothering the steering wheel.

Now Apple, the technology giant, even brings more ease to experiencing a future car. The company is aiming at eliminating the keyhole and instead of it, the car owner has an iOS application to do the job. This is a result of the endeavor Apple made to team up with many huge companies in the car-manufacturing industry.

an iPhone screen

The traditional key will be replaced by a digital one used as an application

With the application installed as a digital key, the car manufacturers can wade into a car with a secret code which will be later used to ignite or kill the engine.

The idea was raised when the whole world has advanced towards allowing your pocket less weight with all purchases now payable online or card. Now more keys also remove some space and weight for the owners.

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At this point, some of you may wonder “Does that mean that I can’t lend my car to others?”. Yes, you can. Just have them install the app and tell them your secret code to get access to, they can have a good time in your car. “But how about forgetting it in the car?” Here you need to have a substitute phone or borrow one from someone, then everything will turn too easy for you to handle.

an iphone with its camera on

The car owner has an iOS application to do the job normally done by a traditional key

It is said to be in the principal quarter 2019 that the digital key will be set for production. Don’t forget to stay tuned with Naijauto.com to catch updates on this emerging tech trend and latest developments in automotive tecnology!

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