Apostle Suleman says he gifted all his male workers cars, slams ‘wicked’ politicians


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Apostle Suleman is holding employers and politicians accountable for how they treat their workers. Why is he buying cars for his male workers?

Apostle Johnson Suleman, who is the President of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, has revealed that all men working at his television station own cars courtesy of his benevolence. The controversial man of God made this known via a series of tweets posted on micro blogging platform Twitter, while condemning employers of labor who treat their workers badly.

According to him, the cars were not given to them on loan but as free gifts. He also disclosed that some wealthy men have died strangely due to the pain they inflicted on their workers.

“I have a TV channel. I bought cars for all the male workers not car loans but car gift.  Nobody stays with a man who lacks human feelings. This is why some ‘big men’ die strangely.  It’s because their workers are in pains, prolonged pains.”


One of his employees confirms the car gift on comment thread

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The popular pastor, who owns a private jet, narrated his encounter with a family who had not had food to eat for several days as a result of the inability of a state governor to pay salaries for 10 months, and yet, the said governor is seeking another term in office.

“Just saw a whole family tell me that they haven’t eaten for days. The governor hasn’t paid them for over 10 months and he wants to come back? To do what? See how pale the kids look. May the Lord reward all of you wicked politicians.”


The man of God in his private jet

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Without mincing words, the outspoken religious leader stated that people who do not pay others for work done would answer to God. He also said that, in the fifteen years of running his TV channel, no worker has been owed salary for a single day as he ensures that they are paid even when business is not at its best.

"Any man who refuses to pay his workers will face the judgement of God. I have had staff for 15 years and never owed salaries one day. Even when the company runs on deficit, I do my best to pay. Workers welfare is key for business health/growth."

You can check his post on Twitter here:

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