Presidential deadline: Apapa road trucks have 72hrs to disappear!


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Joy seems imminent for residents and commuters along Apapa road as the end to the constant traffic gridlock is in sight with a new presidential order.

To reduce the constant traffic jam and its effects on road users along the Apapa road and bridges, the Presidency has ordered all truck drivers that are  parked on roads and bridges en route Apapa, Lagos to quit the area within the next 72 hours. This order is to restore order and immediately put an end to the incessant gridlock caused by the heavy duty trucks and tankers parked in the said area.

The recent vacation directive came in yesterday and it was a result of the meeting organized on the 25th of April of this year by the President represented by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.


Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria's Vice President gave the order on behalf of the President

Touring the affected area, it’s easy to notice that truck drivers who are driving to the Lagos port have slowly occupied all roads and bridges around the area, turning them to their garage thus, leading to massive traffic congestion on the roads.

This is not the first time the truck drivers are ignoring the authorities on the issue of leaving the area. The Lagos State Government has given several instructions for truck drivers to exit the area but unfortunately these drivers did not leave, and the Police Officers, Soldiers and Naval Officers  tasked to enforce the law seemed strangely ineffective.

However, to make this order effective, the presidency  has appointed a Taskforce to help administer this new set of regulations in the area, by restoring order in the affected area within two weeks of operations.

The Presidency added that to guarantee the success of this new  order and to see the permanent removal of the trucks, the Taskforce won't be reporting to the state government or any other lower body but directly to the president. The statement made by the vice president also stated that there will be an establishment of an adequate "manual truck call-up system" while there is a wait for the "electronic truck call-up system" and also a policy known as the "Empty Container Return and Export Container Truck Handling Policy" and a few others which will be established for the trucks drivers for easy access and parking to prevent traffic congestion in the area.


The trucks are there everyday, totally closing access to the Island via Apapa

The Members of this taskforce to carry out this function include Kayode Opeifa, who is the former Commissioner of Transport in Lagos State, as the Executive Vice Chairman. There is also a representative of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC); the Nigerian Ports, and the Nigerian Shippers' Council (NSC).

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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