[Photos] Look back Anthony Joshua’s ₦70m Range Rover which was stolen 11 months ago


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Did you know that Anthony Joshua’s ₦70million bespoke Range Rover SVAutobiography is yet to be found after it was stolen 11 months ago? Read the full gist and look through its pics below!

Naijauto is still finding it hard to grasp how pro boxer Anthony Joshua’s Range Rover SVAutobiography - Dynamic SUV worth ₦70 million could still remain missing for 11 months now after it was stolen on the 6th of September last year in one of his relative’s home in London, UK.

The pro boxer had received this custom-made SUV as a generous gift from the British automaker, Jaguar Land Rover just ahead of his fight with the Ukranian boxer Wladimir Klitschko.


Anthony Joshua shared quite a number of photos with the Range Rover SVAutobiography SUV before it was stolen in 2018

The stolen SUV happens to be the first in the world to feature the all-new SVO design Pack and it has every single detail chosen by the pro boxer, Anthony Joshua himself. The vehicle’s steering wheel, door sills, B-Pillar and driver’s headrest all have the boxer’s signature embossed in them as well as his name boldly written as a badge on the door interior parts.

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Anthony Joshua’s stolen Range Rover SUV had boxing-specific glove patterns on the door handles as well as added sports tool drawer fitted in the vehicle’s trunk for him to be keeping his title belts when on the road.


Anthony Joshua’s stolen SUV had customized patterns for the pro boxer only

Anthony Joshua’s stolen ₦70million bespoke Range Rover SVAutobiography SUV had a 5.0L powerful V8 engine which accelerates from 0-60mph in 5.1 secs and it does come with trackers fitted in it.

But even with all these impressive and outstanding features, it only took the expert car thief just 23 seconds to whisk away the SUV as revealed by the CCTV footage of the incident.

Unbelievable isn’t it?

Well, it’s becoming more mysterious as the police still find it difficult to locate the custom-made SUV till now even after its 11 months already. The only clue they could give was the speculation that the expert thieves must have used a certain ₦45,000 (£100) keyless device together with a computer for the car theft operation.

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There is hardly any strategic corner inside the stolen Range Rover SUV that doesn’t have Anthony Joshua’s name on it

See a viral video below that shows how similar keyless device was used by two car thieves in stealing a Mercedes-Benz within just 23 seconds also;

  Two thieves stole a man’s luxury Mercedes in just 23 seconds by using a radar to trick the keyless car

Most of these stolen cars are usually reported to be dismantled by these thieves and then rebuilt again but with alternative pieces gotten from some other stolen vehicles as well, making the final build almost unidentifiable.

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