Most annoying habits of Nigerian neighbors related to cars you can't deny


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Who hasn't ever wished he or she lived in a different place because of the irritating antics a neighbor gets up to with a car? Check out the full list of the bad habits related to cars your neighbors probably share.

Every Nigerian tenant living in a rental apartment has annoying stories to tell about their neighbors. We, humans, have our differences and it is sometimes difficult relating with someone on a different emotional level.

One sure cause of annoyance is what neighbors do with their cars. Below are all the things that an annoying neighbor with bad car habits might have, collected by Can you relate? Check out!

1. Obstructing the Driveway

There is nothing so calming as coming back home to a comfortable rest after a hectic day at work. On getting home, however, you meet the unexpected; your neighbor’s car blocking your driveway. This is totally frustrating, especially when they know you will be driving through beforehand.  We have no option but to fetch them to move their car.


Some obstructions are irrational

2. Taking forever to move the car

When you do call or get them to move their car from the driveway, it can take forever for them to come. Seriously? The day has been stressful enough, and the last thing that you should be dealing with is getting stuck outside all night for someone to move their 2000 model. 

3. Space invasion

Some apartments in Nigeria come with specified parking space for each tenant. At least that won’t be any problem, right? Wrong!  Not if you have one of those neighbors who never learned about boundaries and park in your space! Some neighbors will do it because another neighbor parked in their space but others are just out to aggravate you with this act.

4. Space invasion by their visitors

It’s understandable that your neighbor’s guests do not know that they are encroaching on your area rather than their host’s space. Nevertheless, isn’t it right for your neighbor to direct them?  No, some neighbors will just ignore this as if it doesn’t matter.


It is irritating to find your space taken by someone who doesn't even live there

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5. Showing off

It’s great to appreciate the good things that come the way of your neighbor but some neighbors! They might well be Peacocks the way they rub it in and show off.  This almost certainly happens when they buy a new car. If you are have been trying to upgrade yourself, it can be quite galling. Argh...we get it neighbor, I see your new hybrid!

6. Loud music

For some ‘showoff’ neighbors, playing loud music every time has become a daily routine. We don’t understand why they simply can’t fathom that they are not the only ones occupying the building and others might not like their particular taste or decibel level. 

7. Excessively horning

The simple rule of horning says: you horn once or twice and wait for a response Sadly some folks can’t quite do the math.  There are some neighbors we can tell are back because of the loud fanfare that daily heralds their entry, not minding how they disturb the whole neighborhood with the sound of their horn. We get that they are horning to get the security man or their family member to open the gate for them but leaning on that horn excessively can cause a migraine!


Constant horning can drive one batty!

8. Blocking and out of sight

There have been cases where some neighbors have blocked the driveway or blocked a fellow neighbor’s car and left the vicinity. Like what exactly were they thinking? This simple act can make a total mess of the other person’s day.  Imagine if this happens in the morning when you are rushing late to work, only to be told the neighbor who blocked your car has left the house.

9. Imperfect parking

There are apartment buildings with limited space for parking and tenants have no choice but to manage the little space provided for them. Every tenant understands the need to manage the available space, but there are certain neighbors that just love to park wrongly, taking up space meant for other tenants. No matter how often you ask them to adjust their car, they will keep on parking wrongly.


Neighbors taking up all the space through wrong parking is terrible 

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10. Parking too close

In as much as we are begging you to manage the parking space, we don’t mean you should park too close to our cars. How do we get in or out of our car when yours is literally door-to-door? Moreover, that proximity can put scratches on our car bumper or body.

11. Space reservation

In Nigeria, there are some apartment buildings where the tenants agree on a ‘first come, first park policy’. For some compounds this works quite well.  In others, there are neighbors that like reserving parking space for their spouse or friends. We don’t remember the compound being a theatre where we book space.

12. Messy car

If you have neighbors who have kids, be sure that your car will always get messy every now and then. Of course, kids are simply adorable, but we believe it’s the job of their parents to bring them to heel when they get out of hand. For instance, regarding respecting and avoiding other tenants’ cars or property. Many times, your car is scratched with sharp objects or used as a chalk board to display drawing skills. If you have some that live on an upper floor, then you will be seeing saliva or spit on top of your car. All these are simply frustrating.


Neighbor's kids turning your car into an Art gallery was not in the tenant's agreement

While neighbors are annoying sometimes, they are still neighbors and talking to them over a quiet cup may work wonders to straighten out things. Happy driving!

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