Crashing his first car after 24 hours of purchase, Andy Pounds bought exactly the same model within days


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Nothing can stop this young man Andy Pounds from riding a new car. He had the money, he went straight for another one after the crash! Read full gist here!

If you have money, wouldn't you do the same as this young man did?

The news that's trending on social media is about a Nigerian young man known as Andy Pounds by his friends.

Naijauto gathered that Andy Pounds bought himself a new car, however, 24 hours later after the purchase, his new car crashed into a building. To passersby, it was the end of the car but the incident wouldn't stop the young guy from getting another car as long as he has the money.


This unfortunate Toyota was crashed just after 24 hours of purchase

As reported, Andy Pounds has bought another car within 24 hours of the crash of his first car. He even went as far as acquiring the same model as the first car that was crashed but with a different color.

After the crash occurred Andy was said to have put the blame on witches and wizard, saying that they shot a straight arrow at him.


This guy has shocked us twice within a few days

Acquiring the same model of the other car under a day is a way of proving that he can't be stopped by his enemies.

Check out his post.

There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet but if I could survive last night, then not just you or everyone but even life itself could survive someday! Everyday I wake up to new Blessings. From laughing with friends about how I spend over a million a day to buying a car to Buying myself another life.

God, you are great! Don’t say sorry but congratulations because I came out of this unstained, healthy and even the scan shows same thing. God should bless God for this because I don’t think Thanks and prayers should be enough. Call it alcohol, drug or whatever, I call it Glory and dodging another straight shot from them witches and wizards. 

Having gotten another car, one of Andy's friend took to one of his social media accounts, Facebook, to congratulate Andy. His friend expressed his happiness over the short time it took for Andy to get himself another whip. His friend while congratulating him, also shared the photos of the new car.

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