Anambra State Government exposes sales of fake, substandard and adulterated motor lubricants


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Anambra State Government frowns at the rapidly increasing sales of fake, adulterated, and substandard motor lubricants in the state.

No one would ever be happy to spend money on an item only to find out afterward that it is a fake or substandard product. This is why it is really good news to receive fresh reports claiming that the Government of Anambra state now frowns at the alarming increase in adulterated, substandard, and fake motor lubricants circulating the state.


The government of Anambra State has promised to deal with traders selling fake and substandard motor lubricants

According to reports reaching us, the appropriate government body has begun to make moves towards dealing precisely with all unscrupulous individuals and groups of traders in the petroleum product business selling fake, adulterated and substandard motor lubricants in Anambra State. It’s quite disappointing that the sales of fake lubricants keep increasing despite the fact that NNPC has introduced Made-in-Nigeria engine oil products into the market since last month.

Chief Peter Nwosu, the SSA to Anambra State Governor on Petroleum Products disclosed in his press statement that the government is already engaging whistleblowers and embarking on proper sensitization campaigns as well as making strategic collaborations with some security agencies in an effort to fully eradicate sales and/or importation of adulterated, fake and substandard motor lubricants in Anambra state.

He further explained that many of the bad “fake” oil products usually contain lots of impurity and water, which causes damage to most car engines as well as contribute to air pollution as they make car engines emit more fumes from the exhaust pipes.

Check out this short video below that gives quick tips for differentiating between bad and good engine oil;

  What Does Bad Car Engine Oil Look Like? Good Oil vs Bad Oil

The negative effects of bad or fake motor lubricants outweigh the cheap prices that some of them are being sold for. We strongly advise all Nigeria car owners and motorists to consult an auto expert when confused about the authenticity of any motor lubricant product.

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