Anambra State Govt erects Niger Bridge gate blocking access from Delta


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Anambra state government erects a gate on the Niger bridge to restrict inter-border movement and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read the full story!

New reports claim that the government of Anambra State has erected a new gate blocking its end of the Niger bridge, preventing access from Delta State in an effort to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus through inter-border movements. This new gate was reportedly erected by Anambra state with the consent of Delta state to prevent vehicular and pedestrian inter-border movement between the two states.


The government of Anambra state has now blocked its end of the Niger bridge with a newly erected gate

If one is to consider the way the Coronavirus pandemic is currently affecting automobile companies around the world and most other businesses, one might have to support this new move by Anambra State. Any development geared towards curtailing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial at this time.

The COVID-19 task force in Anambra State confirms this report by revealing that this new gate was erected overnight on Monday, May 25, and was shut immediately on completion to restrict movement. According to members of the task force, only a few people who are specially exempted will be allowed passage through the gate while it remains totally shut between 7 am and 8 pm.


Anambra state resorts to erecting gate on Niger bridge to prevent illegal interstate travel into the state amidst COVID-19 pandemic

It shouldn’t be surprising that the government of Anambra state had to resort to this drastic measure because there have been rumors that all confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state were people who sneaked in via interstate travel. As of the time of writing this report, NCDC statistics show that Anambra state currently has 10 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 3 recovered and 1 death recorded while Delta State has 49 cases, 14 recovered, and 7 deaths.

Still, on COVID-19 matters, sick people who are not Coronavirus patients are beginning to lament the difficulties they are facing during this pandemic in accessing health care.

The press video below covers a recent report of these challenges faced by non-Coronavirus patients;

  Coronavirus in Nigeria: The Challenge Of Accessing Healthcare For Patients Without COVID-19

And speaking of COVID-19 disruptions, you should also read the impact of Coronavirus pandemic on the importation of Tokunbo cars from Europe to Nigeria.

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