Anambra lawmakers reject Prado SUVs for Innoson SUVs: Nigerians react on Twitter


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Nigerians on Twitter had a lot to say about the rejection of Toyota SUVs for Innoson SUVs by Anambra lawmakers. Click to read the interesting views shared!

Nigerian automaker, Innoson Motors, had a great time trending on Nigerian Twitter recently over the rejection of Toyota Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) by lawmakers in Anambra State.

According to reports, the state government had planned to offer the lawmakers brand new Toyota Prado SUVs, but the offer was unanimously rejected. The lawmakers reportedly asked for the locally made Innoson Motors SUVs instead.

Reason why Anambra lawmakers rejected the SUVs

The lawmakers reportedly rejected the SUVs because of their high cost. It was alleged that the state government would spend about ₦1 billion on the purchase – an amount considered too high by members of the state assembly. They reckoned that purchasing SUVs locally made by Innoson Motors would be less expensive.

Besides saving the state’s resources, it would be an opportunity to promote the Made-in-Nigeria automotive brand with its manufacturing factory located in Nnewi, Anambra state.

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Verdict of Nigerians on Twitter

The news was well-received by Nigerians on Twitter as a commendable act of patriotism. They compared the situation to the plan of the senate management to spend about ₦5.5 billion on SUVs for federal lawmakers.

Check out their reactions:







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That is truly laudable of the Anambra state assembly.

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