Anambra lawmakers asked for Toyota Prado SUVs, not Innoson vehicles - Government


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Just when people have started praising Anambra lawmakers for preferring Innoson vehicles over expensive Prado SUVs, Government says we are all wrong!

Contrary to the earlier report you might have read here on Naijauto or any other reliable auto news source in Nigeria about Anambra lawmakers, a new update has just surfaced.

The government of Anambra State has just declared that the lawmakers in the state never rejected Toyota Prado SUVs for Nigerian made Innoson vehicles but rather a lesser Prado model year.


Anambra government says its lawmakers never rejected Toyota Prado SUVs for Innoson vehicles

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According to Mr Don Adinuba, the current Commissioner for Information & Public Enlightenment in Anambra state; all earlier reports claiming that the lawmakers reject Prado SUVs were misleading and wrong. In order to clear the air, he gave a detailed explanation of what really happened and below is his press statement;

“The legislators did not reject Toyota Prados, neither did they request for Innoson vehicles. It was the House of Assembly members who asked for Prados, to be in line with vehicles used by legislators in every other state of the federation.”

“However, when they saw the huge financial implications of purchasing 30 units of the 2019 model of Toyota Prado vehicles for each honourable member, the 30 lawmakers, who are easily the most patriotic, productive and considerate of any set of legislators in Nigeria, opted for the 2017 model of Prado.”

“They are the only legislators elected in the 2019 general election to have the older model. By so doing, they have saved for the government and people of Anambra State a fortune.”

“For purposes of historical accuracy, let it be stated in the public domain that it is the executive arm of the Anambra State government which has been leading the campaign to make the Innoson SUV its official vehicle.”

“In March 2018, for example, following the second inauguration of the Obiano administration, an order for a fleet of Innoson SUVs was placed with Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) for Anambra State Executive Council members.”

“The order, however, could not be met early enough, apparently on account of several orders from even outside the country. The government was consequently constrained to seek another brand. It settled five months later for Ford because a worthy son of Anambra State, Dr Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis Group, holds the Ford franchise in Nigeria.”

The commissioner also went further to express how well the Anambra state government has maintained and continues to maintain a healthy relationship with Innoson motors when he said;

“Indeed, the Anambra State government is eminently proud of its relationship with Innoson Vehicle Motor Manufacturing Company.  Its founder, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, is a role model.

“We are proud that he is a major investor in our state. We are prouder of his genius: he pulled himself up by the bootstraps. Despite his modest formal education, he has displayed world-class imagination and creativity. He represents the typical Anambra story, which is a determination to succeed despite all odds.”

Who should be trusted now, Anambra government or its Lawmakers?

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