Anambra government buys 60 Innoson SUVs to implement security


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60 SUVs for security agencies have arrived Anambra to beef up security in the state, adding to the 40 Innoson vehicles it bought last year! Check out the details!

The Anambra State Government has bought 60 Innoson SUV vehicles to boost security in the State.


The Anambra government purchased 60 Innoson SUV vehicles to boost security in the State

The security vehicles which are undergoing the final installation of Hi-Tech features at Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company will help to combat crime in Anambra state as the festive season is approaching.

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The security vehicles are undergoing the final installation of Hi-Tech gadgets at Innoson plant

Information gathered by Naijauto says the Anambra State Government will present the vehicles to security and intelligence agencies in November.

Anambra citizens have commended the state government's effort at ensuring the safety of lives and properties in the state. They expressed their appreciation online.

Here are some responses to the news.

Vaqaxy: Cool. Anambra leads.

Donvicky2007: Well kudos to Anambra state government for patronizing our local automobile company.

unohbethel: Nobody will develop igboland if not the igbos themselves... Kudos to the governor..

mylezkayn: I'm proud of this step taken by Anambra SG . if there was state police some states would have gone the extra mile to secure lives and properties

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It's on record that the State Government is a huge supporter of Innoson Motors and has been campaigning to make Innoson brands their official vehicles.

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