Crazy amphibious car designs: See road cars that are also boats!


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What excites you more than a having car that runs fast on the road and still sail like speed boat on water? Click here the list of road cars that are also boats!

Wonder would never cease on this planet. You might wonder why people would go as far as buying an amphibious car that moves well on the road and also sails effectively. Possibly, they preparing for end of the world (pun intended). Nevertheless, the auto world is full of innovative and creative surprises. On the other side, when you are wealthy, you would also want to have fun with the kind of cars that are within your personal reach. Here on Naijauto, are the road cars that are also boats.

1. Volkswagen Type 166

We cannot but admit that despite the disastrous nature of the war, it also brings some out of the world designs and creations into life. Such was the case with the Second World War, which brought this amazing innovation. The car was built by Volkswagen for German soldiers; this saw the automaker producing this off-roader and amphibian car in thousand, so as to doggy paddle properly.

Although, the opposing countries like Poland, France, Netherlands and Russia might not agree totally but this Type 166 is controversially the most known amphibious car ever.


The Type 166 was built by Volkswagen to aid the German soldiers to have upper hands on difficult terrain 

2. Gibbs Aquada

Despite appearing like Chinese Citroen DS Tribute produced in the mid-1990s, in the hands of Richard Branson, the Aquada had smashed record held for amphibian vehicles. The Humdinga was another invention from Gibbs, with the aim to create SUV capable of accessing hostile and remote area. The Quadski ATV design was pointed towards rescue services.


The unbelievable amphibian car is built specifically for difficult and remote areas 

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3. Bond’s Lotus Espirit

Remarkably, the body of the Espirit is gotten from similar materials used to manufacture boats; this car is more or less like a sub-marine with its capability to go right into the middle of the sea.


Lotus Espirit from Bond is one of the few cars on the planet that could easily reach the floor of the sea

4. Amphicar

With the faux-Cadillac fins and Triumph Herald engine generating an output of 43 horsepower, the Amphicar emerged as the very first to run a test on water. It was manufactured from mild steel and not corrosion-resistant fiberglass. The car is amazingly capable of sailing effortlessly on the water.


Produced from soft steel, the Amphicar is a perfect ride that sails easily across water

5. Ferrari Barchetta

Barchetta literally in Italian means little boat. It was used as a perfect description for sports cars that are stripped down such as raciest 166s in the 1940s from Ferrari and the 550 roadster that came later. With this exotic look, you might be a bit resistant to push it into the water. But hey! You are safe.


The exotic Ferrari Barchetta is a speed beauty on water and road

6. Wooden F50

If the Ferrari Barchetta was much of a road performance car than a boat since its emergency hood doesn’t fancy much of wetness, the wooden F50 by Livio De Marchi, Venice famous sculptor, did love water so much that it was spotted sailing the canals right in its home town in Venice.


The wooden F50 is a big fan of water and it doesn't worry much if you decide to cruise on the water

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7. Dutton Surf

Earlier on before this amazing creation, the Suzuki-based amphibian was pronounced by a judge as not being fit for its intended purpose, hereby narrowing avoiding jail term. Tim Dutton, the legend of the kit car, came back stronger and created this amphibian of Suzuki concept. In 7 hours, Dutton was able to successfully cross the channel in 2006, in one of his creations.


The Dutton Surf is a model adapted from Suzuki for sailing water easily

8. Watercar Python

With thirty thousand pounds, you would get the Dutton Surf, but this python is way more expensive. It is valued at 130 thousand pounds. Powered by Corvette engine, it is the fastest sea-going car in the world. It will easily reach 60 mph in the water and 125 mph when it moves on the road.


The world's fastest sea-going car is quite expensive but worth every penny

9. Buick Riviera

This luxury coupe has been in town since 1963, but was given a new look, back in 1971 by Bill Mitchell’s assembled team, which includes an earlier Corvette Stingray’s boat-tail rear end. The car works so fine on water.


The restyled Buick Riviera is one of the few luxury amphibian cars you should aspire to get if you love absolute fun

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10. Rinspeed Splash

By pressing a button, the 2004 Geneva concept’s rear wing spins round in becoming hydrofoil, while the two others fall off the flanks, promising a peak speed of 50 mph on water. It also comes with zero emission underwater Elise, from the dafter sQuba.


The environmental-friendly Rinspeed Splash comes with the ability to achieve top speed of 50 miles per hour on water

Which of these amazing amphibian car designs would you like to have in your possession? If you eventually do, which sea in Nigeria comes to mind to test it? Most of these cars surely come at a high price, but they surely worth it.

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