How are Mercedes Benz AMG cars different from standard Benz cars? (and AMG history)

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Do you know Benz AMG cars are the official tuned products of Mercedes? How AMG was born? And how are AMG cars different from standard Benz cars? Find out all in this article!

Human beings have a natural tendency to always want more from anything. A testimony of that is the birth of the racing cars of Mercedes Benz for the first time after its 45 years of existence. Today, I would like to share the story of how AMG was born and how it has been changing Mercedes cars into the exciting racing beasts. Would you join me? Let's go! 


AMG has been the tuner of Mercedes-Benz cars since 1967

1. How AMG was born - an inspiring history

While working in the racing department of Daimler-Benz, the two men with a passion for motorsports, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher has decided to develop a racing engine on a 300 SEL model. 

After a while, Daimler-Benz pulled out of racing activities to focus on mass production and distribution of cars around the world although unlike today, there was no financial profit from racing asides bragging right and making headlines of Newspapers.

So these two petrol heads didn't stop their passion for racing and continued to develop various Mercedes engines. In 1965, their hard work paid off when a man named Manfred Schiek won a German touring car championship 10 times in the cars developed by these two petrol heads.

In 1967, they both left Benz and founded AMG tuning company forming the acronym from Aufrecht, Melcher, and Grosaspach. AMG was able to earn it's way up to becoming the official performance division of Mercedes-Benz motor company. Benz gives AMG almost completed brand new cars to develop fully into official performance trims that would be sold to customers of Mercedes all around the world.

Is it amazing for a brand history?

Now you might be wondering what AMG really does? Well, keep reading to find out!

2. How Mercedes Benz AMG cars different from standard Benz cars?

2.1. AMG cars have boosted engine power

AMG builds engines for the Benz cars they work on from scratch. Just so you know, the popular V8 bi-turbo engine by AMG is handcrafted just to make it perfect! AMG uses better performing components in its engine builds and boosts the overall power of its engine so it performs over 30% more than the standard Mercedes-Benz counterpart.


AMG sticks with bolstering performance and sporty look

2.2. AMG cars have more aerodynamic and stylish body kits

AMG modifies the pre-existing body kits on Mercedes-Benz cars so that they can be more aerodynamic, allowing the cars to go fast with less resistance to air. In doing this, they make the car look sportier and better looking. The E63 and E63s are perfect examples of this! Can you see the obvious difference in styling between them?


The E63 was made more sporty through styling the exterior

2.3. AMG cars have performance brakes

AMG includes braking in it's building processes by installing performance and lighter brake components that can handle the stopping of cars more efficiently. 

The brakes also look aesthetically beautiful because the calipers are always colored and branded AMG. 


Not only tuning the engine and styling the exterior, AMG tampers with the wheels and rims as well

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2.4. AMG cars have performance exhausts

The sound of an AMG is one of the best sounding cars you would find around today as the company makes sure the engine tuning fits the exhaust system perfectly. The cars breathe better and sound deeper with performance exhaust AMG fits onto them.


AMG makes sure the best sounds emitting from its exhaust pipes

2.5. AMG cars have performance rims

AMG uses a better looking, sportier and lighter rims as shoes on all their cars so that the car can be lighter and still look very appealing.


Light rims help the car fleet faster on the road

The AMG company does all these things and just makes its cars irresistible. Mercedes-Benz already styles their cars to the max, then AMG adds sports accents to the car, taking it close to perfect.

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3. How do you identify an AMG?

Well, there is an easier way than trying to tell from the body kit. From the emblem at the rear of the car, you can tell from the alphanumeric code. For it to be an AMG, it must have only two numbers in the code while the standard trims have three numbers in the alphanumeric code.


Some cars just simply put the AMG letter on the rear end of the car

For example, we have the C300, C350 for the standard C-Class while it's corresponding AMG variant is the C45 or the C63s. The most common AMG in Nigeria is the G63s boxy SUV not because it is the cheapest but because Nigerians love the statement it makes for them as owners of the car.  

The following is a list of all the AMG cars in production currently: A45, C63s, C45, C45, C45, CLS63s, CLS53, E63s, GLE63s, GLA45, GLE43, GLE63, GLC43, GLS63, G63, G65, S63, SLS63, SLS65, SL55, SL63, SLK55, CLA45, GT63S, GT 4 DOOR, GTS, SLC43, GLB35, S65, SLS GT, and SLR.

Besides Mercedes-Benz host vehicles, AMG has also produced other performance cars for other brands. There was once an AMG Mitsubishi Gallant. 


There was a time AMG tuned the Mitsubishi Gallant


AMG cars are not economical at all because maximum performance is what they always strive to achieve with their cars. Still, their attraction is irresistible to car lovers all over the world and we Naija drivers definitely join the fanbase.

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