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We’ve heard much about American President cars or the Beasts but still can’t remember clearly what they look like? Stay here for only 2 mins & you can learn by heart all of their facts & features!

1. Quick facts around American President cars throughout history

When it comes to American President car, almost all people associate it with Obama car or Donald Trump’s latest Beast. However, before these two figures, other Presidents of America also had intriguing stories related to their presidential vehicles. Check below before moving to the real Beasts!

  1. The first American President to ride a steam car was President William McKinley in 190 Before that, the US Presidents rode in the horse-drawn carriage.
  2. It’s not until 1911 that President William Howard Taft converted the stables of White House into a car garage and bought a 4-car fleet, including 2 Pierce-Arrow cars, a steam car of White Motor Company and an electric car from Baker Motor Vehicle.
  3. President Warren G. Harding was the first one to drive his presidential car in his inauguration. He’s also the first qualified driver to become US President.


    The Sunshine Special is the most well-known among old presidential vehicles

  4. The Sunshine Special from Lincoln Motor Company was the most famous presidential car in the history because it’s the very first automobile to be equipped with armed & life-saving features, according to Secret Service standards.
  5. Despite heavily armed, US official state cars often went in public uncovered until the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
  6. Cadillac brand has been trusted to build American President cars since 1983. The latest Beast is also a heavy-duty Cadillac.
  7. Along US President car is always a presidential motorcade which includes up to 45 vehicles to react to emergencies. This motorcade consists of key staff cars, counter-assault team, press van or ambulances, etc. Marine One helicopters are also frequently used to protect from above.


The President motorcade can involve up to 45 supporting vehicles

2. Who is American President at the moment?

Current American President is Donald Trump who has gained a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton in 2017.

Donald Trump is the oldest and richest person to be elected US President. Before entering the presidential race in 2016, Trump managed his family enormous real estate business The Trump Organization, owned 2 renowned beauty contest Miss Universe and Miss USA…

His estimated net worth is around $3.1 billion, equivalent to 1,130 billion nairas.

Trump is also the first US President with no political or government background.

How old is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. The US President is already 72 years old this year.


The victory of Trump over Clinton caused shock and controversies worldwide

3. The Beast car of President Donald Trump: how it was built

In 2018, General Motors has announced they’ve completed their mission to build the impenetrable vehicle for the most important man of the USA – the President Donald Trump.

The company leaks some information around the Beast but not much. However, we believe with just that amount of info, one can self-imagine how unique and powerful this Cadillac is. Also, the Beast was built in twins so that no one’s gonna know which one is carrying the President when he goes out.


There are 2 identical Beasts in fact

Inherited the state-of-the-art technology as well as conforming to strict standards from Secret Service, the latest Beast promises to be impenetrable and can protect its owner under any circumstances, from acid attack to bombing. 

The contract of building the limo is worth $15.8 million, translated to 5.7 billion nairas.

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Remaining features from Obama car

The new Beast remains most life-saving features from its previous version for President Barack Obama. For example, in this car, the President can make a phone call to order a “nuclear submarine” or communicate through extensive intelligent communication systems.


The Beast accompanied Obama in important foreign trips (Photo source: AFP Getty Images)

Obama once joked that his favorite function of the car is the seat warmers. Simple but even supercar doesn’t offer right?


Obama loves seat warmers, what about you?

Since Obama’s time, the Beast has already had its own transport – a C-17 Globemaster aircraft. The plane is used to deliver the Beast with its twin, a Chevrolet SUV for “Suburban communications”, and a dubbed Roadrunner to wherever the President presents.

The Roadrunner is considered a mobile communications office which connects straight to the military satellites.

Announced upgrades for Trump's Beast

We must say Naijauto has tried hard to craw more information about this for you, our beloved readers.

The limousine can accommodate 10 passengers and the President’s seat is separated from companion’s places with a folding desk.


That the Beast for Trump is heavily armored shows how he’s scared of assassin

The bench for the VIP is covered in a special type of cloth in dark blue color, not leather as many may think. But the interior can’t be compared to the exterior equipment. An 8-inch-thick armor door, 5-inch-thick bulletproof windows and bus-size run-flat tires can completely seal the inside to protect Trump from all kinds of attack.


What a door! The door challenges all types of bullets

Especially, a layer of foam will immediately surround the fuel tank in case of having impacts. Actually, we believe there’re many more features to keep the President safe and sound. Any cutting-edged technology you often see in sci-fi movies might be found on the Beast.

4. Donald Trump's cars

The sitting American President is a car freak with a unique taste. He has a fleet of original cars that is not less impressive than any car collection worldwide. Behold some of the most notable ones:

1. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud


2. Mercedes-Benz SLR


3. Lamborghini Diablo


4. Cadillac Allante


5. Tesla Roaster


5. 24 Karat Gold Chopper


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4. The endless battle of US President car vs Russian President car

Long before this article is published, controversies over US President car and Russian President car has rocked the auto fandom. Countless writing has been released to compare these two monsters and some bravely put forward a conclusion for the winner.

However, with the experience and expert sense of Naijauto journalists, we dare to say neither US President car nor Russian President car wins this game because never could we know for sure what types of features they equip on each automobile. And if those tools boast about their ability to activate a missile from afar or their power in securing their passengers, they fail right in the beginning.


The battle between these two countries may never end (Photo source: Getty images)

In our heart, a respectful President of a successful country should dare to walk without armed force, should be willing to immerge in his residents’ daily lives to aid others, not to seal himself in a heavy-duty vehicle due to the threat of terrorism.

Having said that, both Trump’s car and Putin’s car are one-off. They’re both bulletproof, even bombproof, can operate deadly weapons through sophisticated communication system and run flat tires. Let’s check the video of these latest beasts down here!

Latest Beasts released, Putin car vs Trump car!

5. Check your background knowledge about the White House!

When talking about American President car, you can’t leave without checking what you know about the White House, where US President families reside.

  1. Impressive numbers inside the White House: 132 rooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 6 levels, 7 staircases, 3 elevators and 28 fireplaces
  2. The White House is officially called the White House in 1901 under the government of President Theodore Roosevelt. Before that, it’s called President’s Palace, Executive Mansion or simply President’s House.


    Not just a living place, the White House is also a popular tourist attraction

  3. The White House attracts up to 6,000 visitors per day.
  4. Its kitchen can serve 140 guests at once thanks to its 5 full-time chefs.
  5. For the President’s relaxation, the White House contains a swimming pool, a bowling lane, a jogging track, a tennis court, a movie theater, and a billiard room.

How many facts have you known before? They’re not wasting your time, right?

6. Conclusion

Alright, it’s time to end the post. Overall, hardly can any state car stay in comparison with American President car due to their leading technology and generous budget. If you aren’t interested in governors’ showing off, you may refer to the humble President of Uruguay in Volkswagen Beetle 1987 or the Dutch Prime Minister who rides his bicycle to work everyday. They’re all our idols.

And don’t forget to check out Market news for interesting updates on Naijauto.com!

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