Mom trades 1-year-old daughter for an old car!


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The mother and the couple who bought the toddler are now all behind the bars.

A North Carolina mom has been charged with trading her 1-year-old daughter for an old Plymouth car. Reports reaching Naijauto say 45-year-old Alice Leann Todd did the unthinkable by swapping her toddler for a 1992 Plymouth Laser coupe with a couple residing in North Carolina USA in 2018.


Alice swapped her toddler for a 1992 Plymouth Laser coupe

The couple, Mendoza Romero, 53 and Tina Marie Chavis, 47, were also arrested for the same charge.

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The exchange was exposed when Chavis took the toddler, now 2 years old, to the hospital to be treated for an allergic reaction. A nurse who attended to her noticed some bruises on the toddler and called the police and child protective services.

When Chavis was questioned, she said she was the biological mother of the child. She later told them she adopted her but when she was asked to present the documents to that effect, she couldn't.

Video: Police: Thomasville Woman Sells Baby To Couple For Car

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the toddler had been exchanged for the old car last year.

The mother of the child together with the couple has been held on $50,000 bonds (18 million) at the Davidson County Jail, TN USA. They will appear in court on October 21.

The toddler has been handed to a family member to be taken care of.

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See the 1992 Plymouth Laser that was traded for a 1-year-old child

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