American boxing champion Errol Spence crash multi-million Ferrari


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The Ferrari flipped and sent him out through the driver's window.

Welterweight world champion, Errol Spence Jr has crashed his white Ferrari while driving at a high speed.

Naijauto gathered that he wasn't wearing his seatbelt while driving on the streets of Dallas, so when he lost control, the Ferrari flipped and he was ejected out through the driver's window.


Errol was driving at high speed when he crashed his white Ferrari

The ₦108.6 million Ferrari sports car flipped over many times which left him in a critical state.

A CCTV from a nearby shop captured the crash.

Here, check out the video footage.

Video: Watch the terrifying moment Errol's Ferrari flipped multiple times and crashed

The 29-year-old boxer is an IBF titleholder and he just added the WBC belt last month after he won a fight against Shawn Porter, an American boxer.

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Errol Spence is an IBF and WWC titleholder

This incident has all gone out to show the importance of wearing a seatbelt whenever you are on the road as it's a safety measure.

Speedy recovery, Errol.

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