Why is the word "Ambulance" written backward on emergency vehicles?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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There are some strange details you might be so familiar with that you don't even ask why it looks like that. This is a typical case, the word Ambulance on emergency vehicles is often written backward and not many people know why. See the answer here!

Probably you must have seen many emergency vehicle having this distinct and a backward spelling of the word “ambulance” and you wonder why. Well, look no further. This is not a mistake or negligence on the side on health or emergency workers, it is a deliberate attempt to help clear road for ambulances during emergency. Here on Naijauto - the biggest car website in Nigeria we will tell you how it is important that “ambulance” should be written backward for the safety of the victim(s) and the vehicles on the road.

Why "Ambulance" is written backward on emergency vehicle

Sometime to save an accident victim or any case that requires critical attention, there is need for the ambulance driver to move at top speed and to warn other vehicles plying the road of an emergency situation.

Many at times, the emergency vehicles usually have siren at the top making sound that is very unique to other motorists requesting for a free road or space to pass in order to get to the hospital on time. You probably need to visit Lagos and other metropolitan cities in other states in Nigeria; the congestion in human population, vehicle plying the road and even the noise pollution accustomed with the cities.


Ambulance is written in reverse order to help motorist upfront read the signs via side mirrors

This implies that siren might not be sufficient enough for these motorists to recognize the ambulance behind. That is why it is really important so that drivers using their rear mirrors will be able to read ambulance sign correctly and allow the ambulance to pass without hindering the safety of the victim in the emergency vehicle. This standard of safety in form of spelling “ambulance” as “ecnalubma” is a global standard that applies to all emergency vehicles.

See how people react to ambulance vehicles in different countries

Finally, it is important as drivers, that we adhere to this safety code in emergency vehicle so that we can assist them to rescuing the lives of those concerned and protect our vehicles from any case of collision.

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