[Amazing] America’s best-selling premium car of year 2018 was the Tesla Model 3


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Did you know that the Tesla Model 3 surpassed various SUVs to become America’s best-selling premium car of 2018? Check here now for the full story!

Tesla INC is an American automobile and solar panel manufacturing company that has recently been recognized for their electric cars.

Naijauto.com has been quite impressed by the new record that the Tesla Model 3 bagged for itself at the end of the year 2018. This beautifully crafted Tesla car was able to surpass some SUVs to hit an impressive record as America’s best-selling premium car of the year 2018. What is really impressive is not the record really but how an auto-company which started just 10 years ago or thereabout could have quickly attained such a level or achievement.

It’s surprising to see that most renowned luxury car manufacturers aren’t selling as much as the various Tesla vehicle models. It was even more interesting on realizing that these Tesla Model 3 was actually launched a price which was higher than the one initially advertised, yet it was still able to outsell other renowned luxury car brands. Things even got more exciting as the auto-company expects the sales of this Tesla Model 3 to skyrocket as the vehicle gets introduced to Europe and China in February 2019.


The Tesla Model 3 - America’s best-selling premium car in 2018

Earlier in 2018, Tesla had announced that it globally sold as many vehicles (245,240) compared to all of its previous sales combined across the years its been founded (2003). This was already a massive success story that eventually progressed till the year ended, which was no surprise why they could hit such amazing record as the year ended. The Tesla Model 3 becoming America’s best-selling premium car in that same year indeed contributed massively to that fantastic growth of the auto company.

Anyone following the Tesla auto-company closely would know that the highest portion of deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 was in the United States even though the company didn’t release the U.S sales figures. According to a recent InsideeVs research report, 139,782 units of the Tesla Model 3 was sold to American customers by the Tesla auto-company. We know you might be curious at this point about; which vehicle model became the first runner-up? Well, we answer that just below.

The Lexus RX actually got the spot of the next best-selling car to the Tesla Model 3. The Lexus RX dropped to this position because it only recorded a sale of 111,641 units which was about 28,141 units less. Other notable luxury vehicle models that were up on the list include the Audi Q5 and the Mercedes Benz GLC with the former recording a sale of 61,835 units and the latter 62,435 units respectively.

Isn’t it just impressive how Tesla could have beat these popular car manufacturers?

So, Tesla Model 3 did not only outrank well-known luxury automobile makers cars, but it was actually able to beat SUVs which are the current hottest trend in the automobile market.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting features of the Tesla Model 3, in case you are curious:

  • The interior has a 15inch touchscreen display
  • The vehicle allows a driver to use his/her smartphone as the car key
  • The vehicle features an all-glass roof that extends from the front to the back
  • The Tesla Model 3 actually has a mindblowing Enhanced Autopilot feature
  • The vehicle is all-electric meaning it runs on rechargeable battery power
  • It features an all-wheel-drive powered by dual independent motors
  • It features a performance superquick acceleration that has been built in such a way that the car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds of acceleration
  • It features an aluminum and steel combined metal structure that enables the car to actually resist four times of its weight in a roofcrush test. They averaged the weight it resisted to that of 2 full-grown African elephants 😊.

Now, there are lots more features of the Tesla Model 3 that you can check out on your own from the Tesla Model 3's page on Tesla Official website.

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