Femi Otedola & other billionaire friends cruising Aliko Dangote’s yacht


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Wish your "papa na Dangote" because of the amazing toys the richest man on the continent can buy? Naijauto brings you an expose on his 15b naira yacht with pictures of his billionaire friends inside!

Well known as Africa’s richest man, the name Aliko Dangote has become a household name for every Nigerian and African child who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. Born on 10th April 1957, the 62-year-old Nigeria Billionaire has ventured into quite a number of businesses which have not only earned him billions but have also provided jobs for many Nigerians and Africans. In March 2019, Nigerian business magnate, Aliko Dangote had an estimated net worth of $10.6 billion. Thus it is not surprising if he tends to purchase expensive and luxurious properties.

One of such expensive properties owned by this billionaire is a Sunseeker Predator 108 foot yacht.


Aliko Dangote's $10.6b net worth means he can buy anything he wants

It was learnt that Mariya as the Sunseeker Predator yacht is called, was acquired by the billionaire in 2013. We can't say how much Dangote got the yacht in 2013 but according to yachtworld.com, the 108 ft 2008 Sunseeker Predator 108 costs a jaw-dropping 15 billion naira! Indeed the billionaire loves good things! From the pictures taken on the yacht, we can see the billionaire and his friends (most of whom are also billionaires) having a great time. This small yet expensive yacht may exhibit a simple exterior but don't let it fool you as the interior is amazing.


Mariya is a 108 foot 15.5b Naira luxury yacht

Aliko Dangote's yatch Interior

The interior of the yacht is made of fine strong wood which is a masterpiece work of craftsmanship. Entering into the yacht, you will notice the roof window which is at the aft end.

  • Cockpit

This Dangote Sunseeker Predator 108 yacht has a simple cockpit of about four seats. The cockpit is above the dining area, this is set in such a way as to accommodate and use the available space in the yacht without making it look clustered. The dashboard of the cockpit has a simple display of technology which is used in controlling the yacht. Climbing down the cockpit is the dining section.


Here is the cockpit of the luxury yacht!

  • Living room

Leading off the dining area is a comfortable living room which is great for entertaining when there is no urge to go on deck. The living room has two long sofas and a small one which is made from thick black leather. There is a full size wall LED television for entertainment.


The living room is sumptuous 

  • The bathroom

For someone as rich as Aliko Dangote, you might guess that his yacht bathrooms will be as plush as ever with the best touches of luxury oozing out from them. Just like every other section, the bathrooms are gleaming, well-polished wood. There is a medium sized porthole that creates a serene view. On that window is a long table which is fixed to the wooden parts of  the yacht. This in-built table has draws and shafts inbuilt for proper storage.


1st class treatment all the way includes bathrooms

  • Master stateroom

This yacht may look small but it contains a master cabin or stateroom with a standard king size bed. Though there are other rooms for guests, the master stateroom which Aliko Dangote himself might be using, has a full and more elegant look and a spacious adjoining bathroom. All guest rooms have an ensuite all marble toilet with a medium sized bed.


The master states-room on-board spares no expense

With this beautiful setting in the yacht, one will think that Dangote’s yacht is only made up of cockpits, dining area and bedrooms. Well the billionaire’s yacht also has a simple corridor that leads to the kitchens where healthy meals are prepared for the billionaire and his wealthy friends, and a sauna for steaming baths. The yacht is definitely worth the money though.

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Aliko Dangote hangs out with billionaire friends on yacht, including Femi Otedola

The dining area of Dangote’s yacht has a pleasant atmosphere that sets the mood for enjoying a meal. There is a huge sunroof opening towards it that encourages fresh air when the yacht is cruising the Atlantic and also creates an “under moonlight” scene when dining in the evening. On a cool evening when the light is dime, the dining section has the ambience of a five star restaurant. The dining section is an eight seat setting with table and chairs made from the finest wood.

And this is the place big names of Nigeria sit down and have dinner together.

From the left to right of the picture, we have oil billionaire Femi Otedola (Forte Oil), Segun Awolowo (Nigeria Export Promotion Council), Sam Nwajokwu, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Donald Duke (ex-governor of Cross River state), Tunde Ayeni (ex-Chairman of Skye Bank), Charles Ahize.


Dangote hangs out with billionaire friends in dining area

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