What Alexis Sanchez does with his income? He spends on pets & cars!


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The peak of his career passes by time but does it make him less enthusiastic about cars? No!

The current player of Inter has, in years, spent lots of his income on pets and supercars. Though his peak deemed over and Alexis Sanchez net worth falling accordingly, the Chilean still shows his number one taste of supercars. Let's be with us check out what cars Alexis Sanchez is having in his garage.


The Man Utd striker - Alexis Sanchez

1. Lamborghini Huracan - £200, 000 (~95.6 million)

In 2016, Sanchez was caught driving a Lamborghini Huracan during his holiday in Miami, the United States.

The Italian-made hyper-car has the top speed of about 200mhp and can accelerate from a standstill to 60mph in 2.8 seconds only.


Alexis Sanchez had experienced a great holiday in Miami

2. Bentley Bentayga - £160,000+ (~76.4 million)

Both Sanchez and his former teammate, Jesse Lingard, fall in love the Bentley Bentayga but while the ManUtd midfielder chose a grey Bentayga, the Chilean striker would prefer a shiny black one.

The supercar cost Sanchez around 76.4 million, can speed up from zero to 60mph in 4 seconds before reaching the maximum speed of 187mhp.

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Both Sanchez and Jesse Lingard have the Bentley Bentayga

3. Bentley Continental GT - £150,000 (~71.7 million)

Not only Sanchez but some other Premier League players have a taste for the Bentley Continental. It’s fairly lighter in weight, as compared with the Bentayga, but offers greater top speed, around 200mhp.


The Bentley Continental GT cost him £150,000

4. Audi R8 - £130,000 (~62.1 million)

In 2013, this Audi nearly killed him in a serious car crash happened in Barcelona. The striker hit the car into the barrier on an expressway nearby the city center, after that, he had his unknown teammate come to drive him home.


The Audi R8 was almost deformed after the serious crash

5. Range Rover Sport - £60,000 (~28.7 million)

The white Range Rover seems to be amongst his favorites as people from time to time spotted him driving the car near his mansion in Cheshire, UK. The car also got troubles as its front wing was scrapped by haters.


The Range Rover Sport frequently appears near his Cheshire house

Video: Alexis Sánchez's Luxury Car Collection.

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