Narration of singer Ajanaku assaulted by female LASTMA officer & what he should have done


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A rising musician, Ajanaku, has narrated how a female LASTMA officer assaulted and locked him up for 2 days. What could have happened and how could he have handled it? Check details below!

An up-coming singer, Loba Ajanaku, has narrated his ugly encounter with a female Lagos State Transport Management (LASTMA) officer. In his narrative, the young man alleges that he was physically assaulted and locked up for two days by the officer.


A photo of the female LASTMA officer that arrested the musician

1. Full narration of singer Loba Ajanaku assaulted by female LASTMA officer

According to his story posted online, it all started after he ordered an Uber ride. The driver parked his car, and the officer had the tires deflated. He alighted from the vehicle, and began to record the incident on his phone. Agitated by this action, the officer slapped him, tore his shirt, and attempted to grab his phone. He was eventually taken to the police station where he was detained for two days before regaining his freedom.

See his message below:


The rising singer spent a long post to narrate his ordeal with LASTMA

You can check his full narration below:

“So I will be telling you guys a story of how the Nigeria system has failed us again.

I ordered my Uber as a normal civil Nigerian with rights, the Uber driver parked and this LASMA Officer came and deflated two of his tyres (with the iron deflator they carry about).

The driver was so scared, I started getting pissed off cos why would you just do that?

I got down from the car and started recording on my phone. The LASMA Officer which happened to be a woman slapped me, tore the shirt I was wearing and kept trying to collect my phone.

So I got angry and tried to get her off me then the other Officers started recording at this point. I was shirtless already when they started recording.

They took me to the police station, deleted the videos I had on my own phone, they even deleted it from my “Recently Deleted” folder.

The only picture I have is from the Uber driver At the end of the day, they locked me up and I just want to say that this woman made me sleep in jail for 2 days.

They demanded money from me to treat the Official that got into physical argument with me. I had to pay the money because they only had their evidence against me. Anyways if you dey cell for 2 days, you will appreciate freedom Oloun.

Is it the guys that are there for something they know nothing about like myself or the fact that I didn’t have my bath for 2 days? I was just in the cell thinking if heavenly cctv could just let me show the police officers what the woman did to me initially #freedom”

2. What Loba Ajanaku should have done when confronting a LASTMA

While Naijauto cannot verify the authenticity of Ajanaku’s story, we have outlined ways on how to go about your encounters with LASTMA officers.

LASTMA is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining orderliness on roads across Lagos state. Although they have the legal power to arrest, they cannot detain offenders. If the situation is getting out of control, they can either take you to a police station or a trusted court.

If you feel unfairly treated by their actions, you have the right to get a legal representative and have the issue addressed in court. You can only have a case in court when you ensure that you do not go against traffic laws.

>>> Know the traffic offences in Lagos to avoid LASTMA trouble! Lagos traffic rules and fines, signed by Sanwo Olu in 2019


Do not resort to violence in any case involving LASTMA or FRSC officers!

If you are harassed or assaulted by a LASTMA officer, and you are certain that you have not done anything wrong, you can file a complaint to the agency. Details to include in your report include the following:

  • Officer’s name
  • Time, date and location of incident
  • Detailed description of the event that transpired
  • Available witnesses if you have any
  • Your contact information

You can send your complaint to the email or deliver it via post mail or in person to the Public Relations Unit, LSTC Building, Oshodi Apapa Express Way, Ilupeju, Lagos state.

>>> Detailed instructions at: Powers of LASTMA and how to file complaint against a LASTMA official

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