Air Peace now opens direct flights to India


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Air Peace scores another first by inaugurating direct flight to India from Nigeria for the first time in the history of both countries. Read all the fresh gist!

Nigeria's biggest indigenous airline, Air Peace, will soon begin direct flights to India from Lagos. According to the Indian High Commissioner, Abhay Thaku,r who made this statement to the media, the domestic carrier had been approved by the federal government to operate direct flights to India under the Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) with the Asian nation which was held and signed in January, 2019.

In his words:

“We had the bilateral air services agreement that was signed in January, we already have the approvals accorded to Air Peace by the government of Nigeria and the approvals by the government of India are currently in process and we hope we can start direct flights sooner than later.

We have the approval that has been accorded to Air Peace for two flights to Mumbai every week and we hope to move forward on this front hopefully in 2019 itself. This is one of the targets we are working towards and subject to all necessary approvals, we should be able to move forward on this front.”


India is a historic nation visited by Nigerians, but Nigeria doesn't have direct flights to India

The commissioner also added that they might be late in their endeavor but India has been one of Nigeria’s largest trading partners in years.

The global aviation industry suffered a recent setback with the Ethiopian Airlines crash. Read updates here.

“I would say we are already late, direct flights are overdue. India is the second largest country in the world and Nigeria is the largest economy and largest country in Africa. There is no reason why our people should not be traveling, meeting more frequently,”

Abhay Thakur also said that the two countries had been open to agreement before but only needed a direct flight between them to make this agreement possible.

“We are open to any kind of arrangement; we will be open to all possibilities.”

India and Nigeria have been committed in a bilateral trade since the 1960s. And this bilateral trade between these two countries is as close to $12 billion and Indian companies investing in projects worth about $10 billion.

The Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) permits these two countries (Nigeria and India) to operate commercial airlines that oversees the transportation of cargos and passengers between them. Air Peace is part of the Peace Mass Transit transportation company.


Air Peace is Nigeria's largest indigenous airline

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